Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Have you heard of Tom Steyer? Well you probably will soon. Steyer is a billionaire hedge fund owner from California who just gave the Democrat party 100 million dollars. Fifty from his personal fortune and fifty from his business. Steyer is a self described “greenie.” He is the epitome of the radical environmentalist. For his millions to the Democrats he demanded a halt to the Keystone Pipeline. He got his wish. For thirty pieces of silver, Jesus Christ was betrayed. For one hundred million dollars the American people were betrayed.  In other words, he bought a destructive political action for a hundred million dollars. Do you wonder as do I just what Steyer’s true motive is?

For the record, the Keystone Pipeline would create thousands of jobs, bring down the price of oil by millions, and based on every intelligent report, harm nothing or no one. The only opposition is a tiny group of radical environmentalists. Sadly this tiny group is well funded by the likes of Tom Steyer. Also sadly it is apparent the Democrat party is owned by people like Tom Steyer, George Soros, Peter Lewis, Chairman of Progressive Insurance, and a few other zillionaires. It is also sadly obvious that at least in this case, the Democrats win, they get a million dollars, and the American people lose. They just get zilch.

I point this out because Sen. Harry Reid, Democrat, Nevada, took to the floor of the US Senate to criticize and demonize the Koch brothers. The Kochs are millionaire conservatives who contribute to conservative causes and generally support Republicans. According to Harry Reid though, the Koch brothers are un-American. It is clear that only people who agree with Reid are allowed to exercise their first amendment rights of free speech. Otherwise you are un-American. What an absolute idiot.

You may remember the Beatles had a song, “Money Can’t Buy Me Love.” What exactly can money buy? If you are a vicious child molesting murderer with not a friend in the world, give an attorney his retainer fee and suddenly he becomes the best friend you ever had. Let’s say you are lonely and in need of female companionship. Find one of these street walking types and give her fifty bucks and she becomes not only your friend, but also your lover, at least for a few moments. The same seems true for politicians. Give them a few bucks and they become your friend, protector, and even your ticket to personal wealth.

Call me crazy but it seems to me that lawyers, politicians and prostitutes have a lot in common. Money, it would seem, buys their love. Money buys their friendship. Money buys their influence.

A few years ago Sen. John McCain, Republican, Arizona, said during a debate over campaign money, that money is the evil in politics. He held that the money being delivered to politicians was the evil of politics and if only the money could be removed, politics would be cleaner and more legitimate. It appears he thinks it is the money that is the evil and not the givers or the recipients of that money who are at fault. I think we have just discovered the problem. Money, Sen. McCain, is just a tool. Like all tools, it is neither evil nor good. The evil is in the motive of the donor and the recipient. If your influence, your friendship, or your love is for sale to the highest bidder, you have just identified yourself as a common prostitute.

America deserves better. Money should not buy love, neither should it buy politicians nor their political party.

Ron Scarbro

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