Friday, November 6, 2009


Just another nut job with a gun? I am talking about the maniac who shot up Ft. Hood and killed, as of this writing, thirteen people. I am going to ask some questions with this column.

When I first heard of the incident my first thought was that this had to be the work of Muslim extremists. Now why would I think that? To me it is obvious. They are the group of people who do this sort of thing. Before you get all excited and yell at me, I know there are other nut jobs in the world and in our own country who commit heinous acts. I am aware of the Oklahoma City bomber as well as so many others who have perpetrated all sorts of mayhem on us in the name of some sort of real or imagined cause. When I first heard of the Oklahoma City bombing I thought that was probably a Muslim act also. When I see a person in Muslim costume or hear of a person with a Middle Eastern surname, I wonder if they are also fanatics. Am I profiling? You bet I am. Is it fair on my part? I think it is. I am automatically suspicious of all things Muslim. Whose fault is that? I'll give you two seconds to come up with an answer. If you answered it is the fault of the Muslims, you get a gold star.

As it turns out, the killer from Ft. Hood was in fact a practicing Muslim. He also had a Middle Eastern surname. The fact that he was a doctor and a Major in the army is superseded by the fact that he was a Muslim. It has been reported that during his shooting spree that he was shouting "Allah Akbar", which I am told is loosely translated as "God is Great". It appears to be the favorite phrase of Muslim crazies who commit suicide bombings and was the phrase used by those same morons during the 9-11 attacks.

Here is a question. How does a Muslim extremist who has clearly expressed his negative opinion on our war against terrorists get to be a Major as well as a doctor in the US Army? Did he escape detection? Or was his insanity ignored because of "political correctness"? After all he was an officer and a gentleman in the US Army. What he did was not the act of an officer or a gentleman however. What he did was the act of a homicidal maniac.

Political correctness is bad enough when it is practiced in the private sector but when it is practiced in the military it can become quite deadly as evidenced by the events of November 5.

It is well past time for this particular leftist concept to be tossed from our lexicon. If some person or group of people is offended by another's definition of them in a free country with free speech, that is just too bad. Taking offense seems to be the latest malady infecting people who under value themselves, and frankly I'm tired of it.

From all I can learn at this point, this particular killer was born in my free country, educated in  my free schools, wearing the uniform of my country's army, and enjoyed the life of any free American. It is quite apparent however that his loyalty was somewhere else. The time has come and gone for us to root out these morons and deal with them. We have one flag, one country, and one loyalty. If you want to live here, get used to it or get out. If you are offended by these statements, that is just too damned bad.

Ron Scarbro November 6, 2009


Frank Caltabiano said...

Ron, excellent article that I echo myself. I am damn tired of all the political correctness that is killing this country. Like you said, they can get with the program, or get the hell out of our country.


John said...

Ron, I read your post after having it passed on by Steve Ganshert, a USMA 1965 classmate of mine. As a former Army officer of 11 years service and a Presbyterian minister for the past 30 years, I am dismayed by your apparent view that all Muslims are to be treated as the enemy, or at least with deep suspicion. I know many Muslims, some of them my friends, who have the same devotion to this country and loving care for their fellow human beings as you and I have. As I see it, relating to persons as individuals and not as representatives of one group or another is not "political correctness" but a matter of justice and Christian love. We all are shocked and saddened by the events at Fort Hood, including, I'm sure, 99(+)% of our Muslim citizens. Maj. (Dr.) Hasan was clearly a very troubled individual, for whom we can have a certain empathy even as we insist that he be held responsible for his terrible crime.

Ron Scarbro said...


Thank you for your very thoughtful comments. After careful review of your words, I felt the need to further clarify my position. My piece had two points. One that this crime was perpetrated by a Muslim and two that he appears to have been given a pass for his warped thoughts by the military bent on the practice of political correctness. He should have been found out much sooner and rooted out of the service. As one who commented said, we have become so emasculated by this PC culture that we no longer deal with right and wrong. I appreciate you Christian beliefs and I share them, but the Bible is full of righteous retaliation against the enemies of freedom. I have no empathy for this particular killer and would deal with him in just that fashion. You may wish to read my previous blog to see how I might handle his punishment. I hope you will read my posting next Wednesday as I offer a tribute to veterans. It was published Friday in our local newspaper and will be on the blog on Veteran's Day. Again thank you for your service both as a military man and as a minister and thank you for reading. I hope you will follow my thoughts again.


Anonymous said...

As you know I am a Baptist Preacher and I believe the love of God is available to all men. I also believe however that it comes only through Jesus Christ. Your article was right on the mark. I do not hate any person as I know you do not. What we hate is a belief system that is atrocious at best and cowardly and murderous at it's worst.

I am a conservative Christian and we are profiled every day. It doesn't bother me because I am not ashamed of what I am.

Thanks for being bold enough to tell it like it is.