Friday, November 20, 2009


You know this is getting too easy. One would think that people in the public eye would pay closer attention to their activities and their pronouncements but no, they just keep feeding writers like me. Morons come in all sizes and shapes and from all political persuasions but it seems that the Democrats continue to lead the pack of idiots. Maybe it is just because they happen to be in power at this time but whatever, they once again get the honor.

Today's pick is none other than Attorney General Eric Holder. It certainly will come as no surprise to this group of intelligent readers that Holder has decided that the way to handle the 9-11 conspirators is to bring them to New York City and try them as if they were common street criminals. Never mind that New York will spend approximately 75 million dollars to try and protect their citizenry and that additional millions will be spent on lawyers, judges, and police activity, that doesn't seem to matter to Holder and his lefty constituents. No this is to be the maximum payoff to those on the left who are still trying to punish George Bush for his Presidency.

I have a question. Where is Obama on this issue? Has he spoken out? Did he bless this decision, or will he continue to ignore the firestorm and pretend it is Holder's problem and that it will go away. I think it is safe to say that Obama is going to let Holder hang in the wind because the stakes are the highest of his Presidency. I'll explain.

What if, as the press has pointed out, one of these thugs decides to use the whole proceeding as a rallying point to the rest of the world's killer terrorists? What if he gets his world stage and incites even more havoc on the free world? Even worse, what if some of his thug friends manage to evade the security and kill another two or three thousand New Yorkers or any other citizens as retaliation for the trial?
What if, God forbid, some of these killers are acquitted? You know, if they are tried in American courts and under American law, they will be entitled to all the rights and protections of any other American citizen. Remember the killer O.J. Simpson? If anyone on earth was ever guilty of double murder with pre-meditation, it was O.J. Simpson and yet he was found not guilty. Stranger things have happened.

Of course Holder has guaranteed a conviction. How does that happen? Is he buying the judge, the jury? Holder has guaranteed that our CIA tactics will not be compromised. How is he going to do that? It all seems so moronic to me.

The reason Obama is staying away from this matter is because he knows the danger to his Presidency for the debt they are paying the left. No matter, because if any of the things I have described occur, neither Holder nor Obama will be able to hide from the wrath of the American people. This is an unbelievable gamble on Obama's part. There is no doubt that we have in place measures to deal with these killers through Military Tribunals. The Supreme Court has blessed it and it should have gone forward long ago.

When I was in the military we were trained in how to take prisoners and we were taught that it is difficult to take them because it takes several soldiers to handle even one prisoner. This administration, through its Attorney General, is telling the military that it might be better just to forget trying to take prisoners. Is that what they want?

Like you I am not a fortune teller, but I see all kinds of potential problems ahead for Holder and the Obama Administration. This is just another example of their inability to lead this country. Let us all hope that this matter is dealt with quickly and without incident, but don't hold your breath.

Ron Scarbro November 20. 2009

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Bo Lumpkin said...

If you keep on picking morons you are going to have to up it to Moron of the Week or even Moron of the day. Great blog as usual.