Tuesday, July 16, 2013


If you are a writer, New York is the gift that keeps on giving. I have written many times about the antics of Emperor Bloomberg as well as the City Council. Now we have new stuff that is so ridiculous in my wildest fantasies I couldn’t make up. Disgraced former Congressman and child sexter Anthony Weiner has decided to run for Mayor of NYC, and.... wait for it.... he is leading in the polls. What could be more stupid? Well, how about this? Former Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, famous for hiring large numbers of prostitutes while in office, who lost his job because of these activities, has decided to re-enter politics and run for State Comptroller. Oh, and one of his opponents for this office is a Madam who supplied prostitutes to Spitzer while he was in office. He will probably be elected. The people of New York should be ashamed.

Rat hole countries all over the world who receive aid from us continue to bad mouth us and defy our interests. From offering Snowden political asylum to burning our flag. Here’s a thought. How about stopping all foreign aid to all these countries and putting that money into the Social Security trust fund?  I don’t know how much it would amount to, but I am sure it would be in the hundreds of billions. Then we should double the amount we send to our seniors. The subsequent boon to our economy would be unbelievable. Let the tin horn despots and their third world countries take care of themselves. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that money can’t buy you love?

The next issue to deal with is the George Zimmerman trial. He was not arrested when the initial action occurred because there was insufficient evidence. It was only after Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their traveling bunch of goons came to Florida and threatened riots and unrest that the politicians decided they should do something. Oh, and it was just reported that our own US Justice Dept. through CRS, Community Relation Service, paid for buses to bring protestors from all over to put more pressure on the good citizens of Florida. They also paid for anti-Zimmerman rallies. Bowing to that pressure, Gov. Rick Scott appointed State’s Attorney Angela Corey as special prosecutor. She then offered evidence to a judge who issued a warrant for second degree murder. The problem is that she lied on the filing and has since been indicted by a Grand Jury for fraud. As a result of her fraudulent testimony to the judge, a murder warrant was issued for Zimmerman.

Of course you know what just happened. Zimmerman was found not guilty and has been released. I listened as the prosecution tried to present their case. They never had a case. This whole matter was a racial, political persecution. It never had anything to do with the facts in the case. It became clear that there was never enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman for anything let alone second degree murder.

There are now threats against the Zimmerman family as well as the judge, jury, and the attorneys. Radical morons, ginned up by our own Justice Dept. as well as the Jackson/Sharpton goons, have threatened to kill.  The state of Florida and the Justice Dept. should be ashamed. If a single member of this jury or anybody associated with this trial is harmed, it will be on them and their able co-respondents, the media. The idea that any Florida jury could find Casey Anthony innocent of killing her daughter and then find Zimmerman guilty of anything should tell you all you need to know about Florida’s judicial system. Angela Corey is the one who should be in jail.

What have we become? This was nothing but racial politics. Neither the Federal Government nor Obama should have ever gotten involved. There should never have been an arrest or a trial. What, indeed, have we become?

Ron Scarbro July 17, 2013

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Jwo- said...

Gee...I wonder how many times I'll have to re-edit to get down to the allowed word count? OK...the state of NY is certifiable, like CA. This is the results of Liberals gone amuck. They all think they're the smartest in the room and everything they attempt results in broad stupidity and "we know best" agendas. Its truly an ego sickness, if there is such a thing?

Re: the stupidity of black America, I hardly know where to begin quoting? Pugh studies show the two most dangerous enemies of young black males are #1) older black males who sire kids and leave...absentee Fathers! #2) other young black males...DUH!! 94% (circa) of black crime/murder against blacks are by other blacks...DUH!! The BIGGEST issue in black communities is the devastation of the "family unit"...DUH!! Chicago schools have 'dummed down' the tests so inner city youth can pass...DUH!! The issue with blacks 'aint us! However, it seems the only one that can kill a black without public outcry...and Jesse Jackson's & Al Sharpton's worthless parasitic ass getting involved...is another black! Recently, a 13mo old infant strapped in a stroller was executed point blank by two black males while attempting to rob the mother...whom they also shot...then, the POS murderer's mother hid the weapon and the family lied to protect the killers. Now, because the child was white & his family lived in a 73% black neighborhood, obama & Holder never said a word about racism...or Jackson...or Sharpton...or NBC or The View or Babwa Wawa or any Hollyweird activist. In fact, readers have probably never heard of one of the youngest murder victims ever in our nation. I'm sickened by the manipulation of the idiots and stupids in this country by the Left, as is their strategy. Its downright sinful, malicious & vile! My faith that good, rationale, responsible thinkers will regain the helm of our once great nation is waning by the day!