Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The big shots are meeting in Copenhagen for the conference of conferences. Under the guise of the emergency of global warming I believe they intend to forward their true agenda. Finally, they believe, they will come up with enough restrictions and sanctions that the west will be subdued and brought down. Finally they will be able to balance the world's wealth by taking away from the rich to give to the poor. After all, they reason, why should one part of the world have so much while the rest has so little? I hope to share with you in this essay what, in my judgment, is really going on. This whole nonsense is a smoke and mirrors affair.

First and foremost the so-called green movement which they represent is not about the environment at all. It is instead a religion. A Godless religion to be sure, but a religion none the less. We are learning on a daily basis that much of the data used to sell the global warming philosophy is fraudulent at best and probably a criminal conspiracy.

As you know, I am not a scientist. I do believe, however, that the climate is changing to be sure, but to say it is man caused is laughable. The climate has been changing for the entire time the earth has existed. We have had cooling periods and we have had warming periods. Who among us knows what the temperature is supposed to be? Has our climate for the past few hundred years been normal? What is normal? Who is supposed to decide? It is just possible that we are coming out of a cooling period and will warm considerably in the next few years. Oh and by the way, a few hundred years does not even register on the scale when one considers the age of the earth. To believe that climate change is man caused is the height of arrogance. Man's presence on this rock we call earth is minuscule in time compared to the age of the planet, and if you think you could have some effect on nature, try stopping rain from falling. How about changing the tides? Maybe you could change the direction the wind is blowing or stopping the wind period. Across this planet great deserts used to be oceans. Mountain ranges used to be swamps. Did man cause that?

What really is happening is an attempt by some on the world's liberal left to stop the growth of the west. They see this as an opportunity to bring us down and they have many aides in the liberal media. This is to be the great wealth re-distribution that will once and for all time slap the west down. These morons apparently don't realize that the wealth created by the west benefits the entire world and if that wealth is compromised, the world will suffer. No doubt the movement has had some success in making their nonsense common thinking. Just look at what the word green has come to mean. Wasn't it Hitler who said in "Mein Kampf", "Tell a lie, tell it often, and soon it becomes the truth"?

To see just how bad it has become, an administration official recently told reporters that unless Congress passes "Cap and Trade" they (the administration) will have the EPA issue punitive regulations and rules that will have a terrible debilitating effect on our economy. What country do they think they live in? Do they truly believe they can pull off this blackmail? Here's a news flash for the administration. You govern with and by the consent of the governed. The moment that consent is withdrawn, you cease to govern. We have elected representatives who do the bidding of those to whom they are responsible. It would serve this administration to read up on the rules (The Constitution).

Global warming is just a catch phrase. It and other similar nonsense being perpetrated by the green movement is designed as an attempt to control those in the world who produce and to re-distribute that wealth, period.

Most thinking people love the earth and do what we can to preserve our natural resources. We do not waste nor squander the gifts we are given by our Creator. As for me, I don't need another man-made religion. I want to leave to my children and grandchildren a clean and productive place to live and prosper. The earth is our home, it is not our mother. It was here for millions of years before humans inhabited it and will be here for eons after we are gone.

Ron Scarbro December 14, 2009


Bo Lumpkin said...

Great blog Ron. I have been a little out of pocket for a few days and got behind on my reading and comments. I have been wondering through this whole thing why prosperous nations who have done well should be taking flack from a bunch of nations that have not even learned how to feed themselves yet.

Anonymous said...

The "green movement" involves the move of money from our accounts to those of other nations resulting in a "red movement" here-seeing how far into debt we can go.