Monday, December 28, 2009


It's the Christmas season. It is not a time for harsh words or criticism. This should instead be a time for finding the good in people not the faults. Even the most ridiculous among us have some good, don't we? I have therefore decided not to select a moron for this month. This was not a hard decision because I am by nature non-judgmental (???). So it is indeed a good thing that I have made this choice. If I did pick though, there would surely be a vast collection of candidates.

Consider those people who, in their haste to go about their Christmas shopping, feel the need to leave their grocery carts standing in the parking lot. Never mind that in order to park, someone has to get out of their car and put the cart in its proper place. Never mind that that same cart could begin rolling and damage some unsuspecting car in its path.

It is good that I am not writing about morons this month. If I was, I might pick Harry Reid. You know Harry who explained that
sweeteners are just a part of business as usual in the Senate. If a Senator's vote is needed for a particular piece of legislation all that Senator has to do is hold out and the sweeteners will suddenly appear. Never mind that the rest of the country has to pay the bill for Nebraska or Louisiana. Hey, it is just the way it is done in Washington. Still it seems a little sleazy to me, so it is good that I am not picking morons this month.

We all know that Catholic priests are not capable of being morons, so I would not be able to pick the priest in England who declared from the pulpit that shoplifting was perfectly okay in God's eyes as long as you are in need and as long as you only steal from big chain stores who it seems can better afford the loss. Never mind that all those who actually pay for the goods they purchase have to pay more to cover the losses the stores experience. No, the only important thing is that you might be in need so everything is okay. I wonder what would happen if someone decided that they needed say a million dollars. Should they only steal from a big bank? I'm glad I am not writing about morons this month because that guy would surely get honorable mention at least.

Are there any other morons out there that I am not considering this month because of my unwillingness to tarnish this season with harsh rhetoric? The cop who pulled his gun because someone hit his car with a snow ball? The people who tail gate on icy roads because they think they need to get someplace faster than the law allows? So many morons, so little time. I have discovered another thing about morons in general. They all seem to think of no one but themselves. Consider the morons you know and see if this isn't the case.

No, this is the season of good. This is the season of tolerance. This is the season of love. Let's face it. There will be morons a plenty next month. As I have said before, my problem is never a shortage but rather an abundance.

This will be my last posting for this year and so I wish you and yours a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May all your hopes and dreams come true. May you have good health. Thank you for visiting this site this past year and I hope you will continue to be my guest in the years to come. HO HO HO!

Ron Scarbro December 28, 2009


SteveGanshert said...

You should initiate a Pro Bowl for Morons. Put out a request for nominees and rank them based on input. (Some are pretty rank.)
There are so many morons out there that you may have overlooked some good candidates.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed this post because I have been away from the internet and my email alerts but I must say this is one of your best. My wife and I call these people who only think of themselves special people.
Have a great New Year