Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well it has happened again. Three young, apparently naive, people have put themselves and their country in serious jeopardy. They were hiking in the mountains between Iraq and Iran. What? Are they crazy? Would they crawl in a pit with rattlesnakes and scorpions? What in the world were they thinking about? Why were they even in a war zone in the first place? They are not military personnel. Now they have been captured by Iranians or so we are told. They will no doubt be charged with spying or who knows what else. It is pretty easy to imagine the coming "negotiations". These morons have become bargaining chips in a battle that never seems to end.

Recently two young ladies were captured by the North Koreans for entering their mongrel country illegally. They were tried, convicted, and sentenced to twelve years at hard labor. As of this writing Bill Clinton is in North Korea trying to spring them. I wonder what that is going to cost. I already know what it has cost in prestige. We will grovel and beg. We will promise whatever we must to get them out. We should just let these little ladies serve their terms. Either that or make it clear that unless they are released immediately we will dramatically alter the landscape of North Korea and their population numbers.

We just recovered another young lady from Iran who was taken as yet another bargaining chip. She was the reporter who had put herself and her country in jeopardy by trying to report facts from a dictatorship without freedom of the press. How naive is she?

I bring these items to your attention for two reasons. Number one is this question. Why are these people allowed to travel to these dangerous places with apparent impunity? It is not a matter of if, it is instead a matter of when they will be taken and used by that country as an instrument for that country's benefit. We will cave in and give up who knows what to obtain their release. They will then come home to accolades and parades as heroes. Why do we continue to allow this to happen? There is nothing heroic about their activity.

Point number two is just this. Not very long ago no country on Earth would have defied the United States by trying to take an American citizen against their will. That just would not happen. There would have been swift and sure punishment for any such act. Countries used to be afraid to offend us. Not anymore. The reason they don't fear us is they have proven we will not retaliate against them. We are seen as a paper tiger in the eyes of these third world mongrel countries. We certainly haven't given them any reason to believe we will do anything.

Consider this. What if we, instead of trying to negotiate with these idiots, just took out one or two of their cities. What if we killed off about ten or twenty thousand of their people. Would you think this activity would continue? That is what it took to take the fight out of the Japanese. I understand that this may well cause the death of those held but they put themselves in that peril in the first place. It just might serve as an example to other morons who would travel to these war zones to just stay home.

Finally, I am a peace loving man. I don't want to kill anybody or bomb their cities. I wish there was not evil in the world, but there is, and evil has to be deterred. By continuing to reward evil behavior, we are encouraging it. The time has come for this country to show the world that we will tolerate this no more.

Ron Scarbro August 4, 2009


Tommie said...

We could really punish the countries that capture reporters. For every one they capture we could send them ten more. If they capture them too then we could send ten for each one of them. Eventually the only reporters we have left would be the ones who are not stupid enough to go to those places.

Anonymous said...

As long as they continue to get the publicity, they will continue to be stupid, with impugnity.
Should tell these people if you act stupidly, suffer the results.

sh said...

naive isn't the word I use to describe these girls, but your's sounds better so we'll use it. I say yes to altered landscaping other than the fact that I see no reason to want these people back. They put our country in jeopardy as surely as the other countries. Leave them with their own kind. They might question our mercy and bleeding heart attitudes.