Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have said many times in the past that the problem of selecting a moron of the month is not a shortage but an abundance. Let's face it, we could have picked Sheila Jackson Lee. You will remember this is the Congresswoman who took phone calls during a question from a constituent at a town hall meeting. You may also remember that this is the same moron who doesn't know the difference between the moon and Mars. She thinks we have landed a man on Mars. Identifying her as a moron would be just stating the obvious. Of course there is that bastion of wit, intelligence, and good humor, Barney Frank. Who couldn't be happy with him as this month's selection? No we have once again traveled to California, a state which seems to grow morons on vines in clusters. It would be bad enough if California voters just elected these people for their own state but no, they have to inflict them on the rest of the country by putting them in the Congress. I refer today to Barbara Boxer. Excuse me, Senator Barbara Boxer.

I am only going to cite a couple of instances where she has strongly identified herself as worthy of this month's honor. The most egregious was in her interrogation of General Michael Walsh, a man whose boots Boxer is not qualified to shine, at a committee hearing. During her questioning of General Walsh, he responded to her question and referred to her as Ma'am. She was aghast. She was offended. She then took it upon herself to try and embarrass the General by insisting he refer to her as Senator Boxer, not as Ma'am
. Senator Boxer, there are a few little things you should understand, Ma'am. First, as a southern raised boy I was taught Ma'am is indeed a title of respect. As a former military man I was instructed to refer to women, especially older, or higher ranking women, as Ma'am. I am certain the General meant no disrespect. I today, on the other hand, am not under the restraint of those good manners.

The second of the latest incidences where Boxer has shown her true colors was in her description of town hall protesters of the new health care legislation now being debated as too well dressed to be actual protesters. Apparently to qualify as a protester in Boxer's world, you have to be dirty and poorly dressed. Well excuse me for bathing and dressing to go out in public. California is only one state in this great nation and in most of the country bathing and dressing is a normal activity. If she is more comfortable with dirty rag tag hippie type protesters, maybe she should return to that once great state of California to be with her people and leave the rest of us alone.

As I sit here in front of this keyboard I am in awe and wonderment. Are you telling me that in the entire state of California, Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi are the most qualified, the most intelligent, the most worthy of high office in that state? If that is the case, I truly feel sorry for you. I know California doesn't have the franchise on electing idiots to the Congress, but they do seem to elect the loudest. I am embarrassed for you.

Ron Scarbro August 24, 2009


Anonymous said...

Earthquakes on the West Coast must adversely affect brains.

Bo Lumpkin said...

Maybe the brain tremors on the West Coast cause Earthquakes? Great blog as usualy Ron. Keep up the good work. We'll make you smile while you make us think.