Sunday, August 9, 2009


(The following was published in the Newsleader on June 5, 2009)



It was back in the early
1950s. I was a newspaper carrier. In those days when a big event happened, we
were given extra copies of the paper to sell on the street after we had
delivered to our regular customers. The event at that time was the end of the
Korean War.


As I was given the extra
copies, I was told that I should yell loudly that the war was over. The best
phrase, I was told, was “Korea’s
fighting days are over”. People did stop on the street and bought up all of my
extra copies of the newspaper. I remember one particular customer who stopped.
He said to me that it is foolhardy to believe that Korea’s fighting days are over. Mark
my words, he said, they haven’t been totally defeated. Maybe he was right after


Their beloved leader and all
around moron KIM Jong Il, dictator of North Korea, seems to have a death wish, not
only for himself but also for the entire population of North Korea. His people
are either too hungry, most of their food goes to the Army, or too stupid to
see what they are facing in the world. Regardless of the reasons for their
apathy, they will be the ones to have to deal with the consequences of their
dictator’s actions. Those consequences could be severe.


The UN has tried general
trade sanctions and other attempts to rein in this little dictator to no
apparent avail. The time now is rapidly approaching when Kim will get his wish.
South Korea, Japan, and Russia
cannot allow North Korea
to continue its belligerence. We cannot allow North
Korea to sell nuclear weapons to the Middle
East. No, this has to come to a halt and come to a halt now.


I am not suggesting an all
out war with this little backward country. My suggestion is much simpler. One
of our nuclear armed subs, which is ambling about in the depths around North
Korea, should just surface for a second or two and release a couple of its
missiles and make a mud hole where Pyongyang used to be. End of story. No
ground troops. No other material at risk, just total destruction. To end Japan’s war
making in World War II, we had to bomb two of their cities. It worked. All of
the fight went out of them in an instant. Granted there was great suffering,
but the people of Japan
allowed their country to participate in the war with their apathy and inaction
and as always is the case, the people are the ones who suffer.


KIM Jong Il is picking at a
scab. He has apparently decided that the Armistice agreement his country signed
to end the war and prevent their total destruction is no longer valid. Regardless
of the reasons, he is putting his entire country at risk. If we don’t bring
this nonsense to an end soon, it will only create a bigger problem and sooner
or later we will have to deal with it.


We all know that freedom is
not free. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. I wish we didn’t have to
intervene. I wish China
would stop this before we have to, but their record is not very good. China
stands to lose almost everything they have created for themselves if they do
not get involved and soon.


My customer’s comments of years
ago still ring in my ears. You just think Korea’s fighting days are over. This
time we need to end it once and for all.


Ron Scarbro May 30, 2009

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