Monday, October 12, 2009


From time to time I think I will stop this particular column. I have in the past received criticism for use of the word "moron", and have also suffered some criticism for being so "judgmental". I considered these issues, I thought about them, but I decided to continue the columns anyway. After all somebody has to keep the morons in line. Why not me?

Today's choice is a no brainer. The honor goes this month to that bastion of integrity, that arbiter of all things pure and proper, none other than the Nobel Committee. Now I know they have really messed up things in the past, for example, Yassar Arafat, Al Gore, or Jimmie Carter, but this time Alfred Nobel has to be turning in his grave. Selecting Barak Obama as this year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has even the most liberal thinkers of the world scratching their heads not to mention the recipient himself.

This column however is not a criticism of Obama. He had nothing to do with this I don't think. For all I know he may well prove to be a prime candidate for this award some day. That might occur some time in the future when he has had an opportunity to grow up, learn his job, perform his duties, and become the statesman he probably thinks he already is. For your information his name was placed in nomination for the peace prize when he had served less than two weeks as President. It is obvious to me, and should be to anyone with an ounce of intelligence, that his selection had nothing to do with peace, or achievement, or service to the community of nations, or anything one might consider necessary for this prize. This is something much more sinister.

Selecting Obama is an overt attempt by European liberals to inflict themselves on America and inject their opinions into our foreign policy. It is an attempt to direct our conduct in world affairs. Their own statement that Obama has as a goal the elimination of all nuclear weapons in the world is at best wishful thinking on their part. There has been no such statement coming from Obama. He knows better. It would surely be great if this Utopian concept of a world at peace with their neighbors, all religious differences set aside, all border disputes ignored, and all the crazies held down and not ascending to positions of leadership, were possible, but of course that is nonsense. True world peace is achieved by mutually assured total destruction. That is what we have today. That keeps the war mongers at bay and offers us the best chance of a peaceful life. All the world powers know that if they strike out with any nuclear weapon, they would be eliminated immediately. When lunatics such as Iran and North Korea have these weapons, that somewhat changes the game plan, but their total destruction is guaranteed if they strike us or any of our allies.

Norway, and for that matter most of Europe, exists today because of America's willingness to spend our treasury, send our troops and materiel, and to spill our blood for their defense. What peace we have in the world today is the result of our war making ability and our commitment to making sure that peace can occur. Neville Chamberlain proved to the world that appeasement is the road to defeat and ultimate destruction.

The current Nobel Committee has, by their recent actions, cheapened the award and insulted all who have truly earned it. Awarding this prize has become nothing more than a political act designed to influence, and in some ways control the actions of other nations and their people. What a pity. What a shame for the original purpose of Alfred Nobel. What morons the selection committee has become.

Ron Scarbro October 10, 2009


Tommie said...

Now the Nobel Peace prize is kind of like being prom queen. It is a popularity contest and really doesn't mean much in the long run.
Great Moron Choice. Aren't the people who call you judgemental being a little judgemental themselves.

Anonymous said...

Now we need to pick a comedian to MC the next year's round of prizes.

It is still ironic that a peace award is presented from funds generated by dynamite which has probably killed a few million people since its invention.

Or is that the big bang theory?