Friday, September 18, 2009


I couldn't wait any longer after hearing this latest bit of stupidity from the mouth of one who should know better. I am talking about none other than former President Jimmie Carter, this month's "Moron of the Month". There are many reasons why he would qualify for this month's dubious honor but one statement that he recently uttered leaves all of the other ridiculous things he has said in the dust. That statement was to accuse the Congressman from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, of racism. You will remember Rep. Wilson was the one who yelled out "You Lie" during President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress earlier this month. Carter went on to say that the outburst was another example of white America's inability to accept a black man as President.

First of all Mr. Carter, white America elected a black man as President. The black vote, while it is significant, could never elect a President. To be elected to the Presidency, you must carry many segments of the population. You have to generate millions of dollars to even consider a run at the White House. Where do you think that money came from? For better or worse, all America elected Barak Obama as President. His acceptability as President will be what he does as President, not the color of his skin.

Maureen Dowd, columnist for the New York Times, is also spreading this particular bit of hate speak in her column. Maureen probably doesn't know any better and not that many people read her nonsense anyway. While that is no excuse, it at least puts her comments into perspective. Former President Carter is another story however.

In my almost seven decades on this planet I have seen tremendous strides in the overall acceptance of different peoples in America. Like Carter, I was raised in the South. I remember how it was and it was ugly. But I have seen the change and the change has been for the better. The state of the black man in America has never been more positive. His life has never been more secure, safe, and filled with potential. There is no other place in the world where black people have more opportunity or more potential for personal wealth and success. This is not the result of runaway racism. No this is the result of brotherly love, compassion, and acceptance of others who might be different from ourselves.

Are we completely out of the woods concerning racism in this country? Certainly not. Are we making tremendous advances in our ability to live together and get along? Absolutely. Is the state of Black America served in any positive way by the likes of Jimmie Carter and his stupid remarks? I think you would agree with me that Carter has set race relations back years by his outburst.

I have two words for you Mr. Carter. Go Away. You were an unsuccessful president and it took years of hard work to overcome your mismanagement of America. Don't compound your errors by continuing to inflict yourself on this country. You, Mr. Carter are insignificant and your legacy is fixed in the minds of most thinking Americans. The vast majority of our country does not care what you think about anything least of all your opinion of racism in this country. Be kind to the country which gave you so much and just fade away into your retirement. Just go away.

Ron Scarbro September 18, 2009


Anonymous said...

Good choice for the reasons stated. He has confirmed his place in moron's of two centuries.

Bo Lumpkin said...

He needs to go back to building Houses for "Habitat for Humanity" to the best of my memory that is the only good thing he has ever accomplished. Great blog as usual. If people keep talking you might have to start having a moron of the week.