Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was pointed out to me recently that the moron of the month for the past several months has seemed to come from the Democrat party. I went back to check and sure enough that was the case. I assure you it was never my intention to pick on one particular party, it's just that, as you know, the Democrat party offers so many more opportunities for selection of morons. Democrats take heart however. This month the Republicans have foisted upon the world a first class moron who will be this month's honoree.

I refer to that poster child of hypocrisy, Mark Sanford, Republican Governor of South Carolina.

Don't these people get it? Do they not understand that everything they do or say is being watched and recorded by someone somewhere? I believe they are so arrogant that they must think they are just above the rules. This is of course a married man with children who has been touted as a big part of the future of the Republican party. He was to be the savior and the standard bearer for the next big test of the electorate. He would bring to the lawless masses the truth and the way. Well not anymore.

This reminds me of that other champion of integrity Bill Clinton. It's just sex. It's no big deal. His actions should have no impact on his job performance. Wrong again. Character and trustworthiness are utmost in the minds of most clear thinking Americans when selecting their representatives and their leaders. If an individual cannot be trusted to keep his commitment to his wife and family, not to mention to his staff or his state, how on earth could he be trusted to maintain the trust of the country as a whole?

We are not talking about some average guy who lives down the block from us. No we are talking about the chief executive officer of a state. His personal life is my business. His personal integrity is my business. How he carries himself in his daily life is my business. Whether he likes it or not, he is an example to other people. It has been said, "To whom much is given, much is expected." I expect, and you also should expect, our so-called leaders to be bastions of integrity and honor. Sanford now appears to be turning his life over to God to straighten it out. He, like Clinton before him, will have religious leaders help him maintain a proper life style. He intends to regain the trust he has lost. To quote a famous line from a past TV show, "I don't think so, Tim." You made this mess Governor, you clean it up.

I know this is not an isolated case. Republican Senator Ensign of Nevada has made the news for the same crimes. His Mommy and Daddy attempted to pay off the woman in an effort to keep her quiet. Didn't work. Sorry. He also is finished. Another Republican bites the dust. There have been many others too numerous to count. They never seem to learn.

The truth is that moronic behavior is no respecter of political affiliation. This blog is also no respecter of political preference when choosing who is honored by "Moron of the Month". I will continue to call it as I see it. And as the bumper sticker on the cattle truck proudly stated, "Let the Chips Fall Where They May".

Ron Scarbro July 19, 2009

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Bo Lumpkin said...

Great blog. I think the difference between the Democrat Morons and the Republican Morons is that when a Republican acts like a moron he gets punished. When a Democrat acts like a moron they say, "So what!"
Keep up the good work.