Tuesday, July 7, 2009


A group of scientists in England recently went into action to try and save a species of butterfly from extinction. In their opinion global warming was causing the elimination of this certain group of insects and they needed immediate human intervention. It was reported that the scientists went about gathering up these butterflies and moving them to the northern most point of their range in an effort to allow them to survive the onslaught of global warming. Some may see this as a beautiful thing. Some may even believe that these scientists have done great service to the world by trying to save these insects. Others however may see this as interfering in Nature's plan.

Several years back a group of people decided to fix an erosion problem. It seemed that during rain storms soil would be loosened and be washed away. To repair this phenomenon, they imported a vine from China known as kudzu. This was the miracle treatment for the erosion problem. The vine quickly grew and stopped the wash away of the soil. So what's wrong with this picture? Travel anywhere in the southeast and you will see what is wrong with this picture. Kudzu has taken over. It is everywhere. It is almost impossible to control. It kills off all native plants and ground cover and creates imbalance in the topography. The erosion problem doesn't exist where kudzu has taken root but that doesn't begin to atone for the disaster caused by the introduction of this alien plant.

In the early years of this country European settlers decided they wanted to bring carp from the old country to the rivers and lakes of America. Carp was one of their favorite food fishes and they thought it a good idea to have them available in their new home. Unfortunately carp now inhabit virtually every river, stream, pond and lake in America. They take over from the native species and create havoc wherever they exist. T
his trash fish has ruined many fisheries.

These are but a few examples where well meaning intervention in Nature's plan has caused an unintended consequence. I am not privileged to know exactly what Nature's plan is but I think it is easy enough to understand that human interference in that plan can have dramatic and sometimes tragic results that are often unintended.

A part of Nature's plan also seems to be an ongoing pattern of warming and cooling of the earth. In the long history of this planet there have been many, many periods of warming and cooling. In the history of earth tens of thousands of animals and plants have evolved and just as many have died off. It is just possible that this particular species of butterfly is supposed to die off. The British scientists are interfering in something which could have unintended results. The movement of plants and animals from one part of the world to another could very easily be seen as interference.

The problem is clear. Those who practice the religion of global warming probably believe they have the right to do anything to change that phenomenon. Such arrogance. I think we all should step back and take a good hard look at what is real. Humans have no role in the ongoing warming and cooling of the earth, and humans can do nothing to alter this activity. Humans are not in charge. Humans are just another species which inhabits the earth at this time. There is no guarantee that we will be around tomorrow or any time in the future. There was a commercial that ran many years ago on TV. The tag line was, "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature." Perhaps we should heed that warning.

Ron Scarbro July 7, 2009


Tommie said...

I still think God is in control of all of it and man always messes up when he thinks he can outsmart God. Good blog as usual.

Anonymous said...

There you are, carping again. But I did warm to your topic. How many species have gone extinct and yet earth lives on.