Monday, June 29, 2009


There was Elvis and then there was Anna Nicole Smith, and now its Michael Jackson. Tragic figures whose lives should have been anything but tragic.This trio of people earned and burned through millions and millions of dollars. All three died premature deaths under very questionable circumstances. All three seemed to be involved with vast amounts of prescription drugs. All three had the required entourage of sycophant yes men and toadies. I doubt if any of the three ever heard the word no. Their life styles were recipes for total disaster and that is exactly what happened.

I am not going to pick on Michael Jackson now that he is dead nor am I going to criticize any others who may be involved in this sort of life. No I am going to instead ask the question of why. Why do we worship at the feet of such flawed individuals? Why do we shower them with such adoration? Also, were they flawed before they became famous or were we complicit in their downfalls? It is pretty clear to any normal thinking person that all three were probably crazy. Did fame drive them crazy or were they crazy before their notoriety? Sad questions. Sad commentary. Tragic lives.

Now the fun begins in the Jackson case. Lawsuits will flood the courts as all the hangers on will try to continue to live off their fallen meal ticket. Medical people will be called to account as to how and why Jackson got all the prescription drugs he was allegedly taking. Remember also there are three children caught up in the middle of this mess and nobody seems to know who their real father is. The courts will divvy up the spoils of this tragic life. I feel sorry for the children. They had no part in this idiotic mess. It has been reported that their biological mother wants no part of them. What will their lives be like?

I saw one report that was identified as a preliminary autopsy. Michael Jackson was 5'10" tall and weighed 112lbs at his death. He has lost all of his hair and his body was covered with scars and needle marks. He was skin and bones. He was 50 years old. What a terrible end to what should have been a full and happy life. It would appear that all budding super stars should heed the warning that being an idol can be hazardous to your health and could cause premature death.

And we, what will we do? Some will just go out and find another idol to worship. Sadly they seem to find some sort of vicarious pleasure by their actions. They crave items of clothing, autographs, anything that lets them think they shared their idol's life. They live in some fantasy world that they have conjured up. The stars often fall for the adoration. Some probably even believe that they are truly loved by these fans. They of course live in their own fantasy.

All of this makes me think that being just a normal person with a normal life is not that bad. I will never have cheering fans screaming my name or sycophants rushing to please me. No I'll just live out my life as an average guy with an above average wife and of course above average kids and grandkids. Oh and by the way, their adoration is all I will ever need.

Ron Scarbro June 29, 2009


Anonymous said...

Excellent article. My thoughts exactly. Why do people envy those who are obviously so miserable they have to take drugs to escape reality. I kind of like the real world.

sh said...

not much else to say but good for you for saying it so eloquently