Monday, June 15, 2009



I know you have all been waiting with bated breath for the naming of this month's honoree. It has not been an easy decision. Again there are so many candidates. For a long time, a certain nationally televised comedian was the leader of the pack. I am sure you heard of the comment David Letterman stated in his monologue regarding Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter. What was supposed to pass as a joke went over very badly. Making jokes about sex with children is not funny. Making jokes about the children of politicians is not funny. As a matter of fact, anytime a comedian decides to use his national forum to spew his particular political opinion, he always ceases to be funny. I give you as examples Bill Maher, Garrison Keillor, and now of course David Letterman. No, these people will not be named as morons of the month because they are insignificant in the overall scheme of things.

June's moron of the month is none other than Nancy Pelosi. There are many reasons for naming her but the latest is her insistence that CIA photos of so-called torture of retained terrorists at Gitmo be released to the media. This even though her own party's President has said no. In some ways I feel sorry for Pelosi. She has to pander to an extremely left wing segment of the Democrat party to stay in power and at the same time she has to be loyal to the party as a whole. This is in addition to the fact that she represents San Francisco, a city widely known as an Un-American community.

Nancy Pelosi needs to take a good hard look at loyalty, and what that means. Her first allegiance should be to the American people, not some political party or some sub-set of a political party. It has been reported that if these photos are released, our own troops will be further endangered in the world. There is nothing to gain and possibly much to lose if the pictures are released and published.

To my way of thinking, Pelosi is the epitome of the "Peter Principle". She has been promoted and promoted to the point where she has at last reached her maximum level of incompetence. The idea that San Francisco wants her as their representative is not a problem for me. The problem comes when she uses her seniority to become a national figure. Now she is third in line to be President of the US. Are you kidding me? This is combined with the fact that the number two in line is Joe Biden. When the electorate of this country decides it wants change they really do it up right. Oh well, that is another column for another time. Today we celebrate just one moron, Nancy Pelosi.

I have previously written in the continuing saga of Pelosi of her statement that the CIA lied to her or at least didn't inform her of their tactics when we know from the evidence that they did inform her years ago. The CIA regularly briefs Congress of their comings and goings. Isn't it funny how the whole matter of CIA lying has just disappeared from the media spotlight? Is it possible that Pelosi doesn't really want an investigation after all?

Well there you have it, June's Moron of the Month. Stay tuned as we sift through the many possibilities in the months to come.

Ron Scarbro June 15, 2009


Bo Lumpkin said...

Probably next month Nancy Pelosi will be on the shortlist for Moron Of The Month. Maybe you should rename this segment to "Nancy Pelosi and the other Moron of the Month."

Anonymous said...

I think you are double or triple dipping. She could have been named morons of the month while she is working on her next run at the title.