Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Have you heard the story of Desmond Hatchett? Desmond is a 33 year old man from Knoxville, Tennessee. His claim to fame? He has 30 children by 11 different women, none of whom is his wife. He has petitioned the state of Tennessee to help him pay child support because he only has a minimum wage job and the state already takes half of his paycheck. I am not making this up. I don’t do fiction.

I have purposely stayed away from columns about the plight of minorities but sometimes I just can’t help myself. There are some issues that need discussion and examination. Here’s my first question. What in the world were these women thinking?  Is it possible that in their community these women didn’t know about the other “baby mamas?” Is it possible that Desmond was just so irresistible that they just had to jump into the sack with him? Aside from a roll in the hay, what did Desmond bring to the lives of these women?

Let us look at some of the possibilities. Some will say that the women were just looking for a paycheck from the welfare department. We have all heard about people gaming the system by producing children strictly for the money. Or, maybe they were in love with Desmond. Naw, I doubt it. More likely these women, along with Hatchett, are just irresponsible dregs of society. Maybe they don’t have any concern for themselves or for the children they are inflicting on the  community.

And when you consider the children, what chance do they have for a reasonable life? Who will be their father figure? Will they, if they survive to adulthood, become the same societal dregs that their mother and father are? Any study of economics already shows us that the surest way to live a life of poverty is to be born out of wedlock, in a minority community and with no father figure at home. Desmond and his co-respondents have given us 30 such children. The odds of these offspring continuing this dependent life on welfare and becoming the next criminal element as they grow up are staggeringly high.

So, what is society to do? Are we just to pay up? Are we just to arrest them when they eventually become the next criminals? Do we continue to send the welfare checks with no restriction? When will we have had enough?

It would seem that the Hatchetts of this world have reverted to a feral animal lifestyle. They have become opportunity breeders. Like other male animals they wander through the herd of females and breed anyone who stops long enough. There is a large segment of our populace who believe we should castrate Desmond and his ilk. They also believe we should take the children away from these irresponsible women and put them in real homes where they might have a chance at a real life. These are indeed harsh solutions.

Others will say we need to educate these people. They need to understand that their actions have consequences. Unfortunately there are none so stupid as those who refuse to learn. Sadly this appears to be the case of Desmond and his “baby mamas.”

If you will be true to yourself and examine this situation without prejudice, you have to conclude that this situation, and others like it, are caused and exacerbated by such liberal fixes as “The Great Society.”  The liberals have spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying to assuage their own guilt under the guise that they are helping the minority community. Some seem to have the belief that if we just keep these people down on the plantation and send along a little money, they will not be a bother to us. The result is that we have created a dependent society who will never grow out of it. We have generations of dependents producing more dependent generations.

Finally, excusing these actions without calling the guilty to account is a crime in and of itself. We are doing this minority community no favor by looking the other way. I know I have some readers from minority groups. I hope you will offer your thoughts. I and many of my fellow taxpayers are fed up.

Ron Scarbro May 23, 2012


folquerocker said...

Like so many of your blogs, I find myself in agreement with a large portion of your thesis. However, like is so often the case, you lose me when you constantly point the finger of guilt at the "liberals." I'm amazed at how all the ills of society are a result of actions by this element as you so often postulate. While I recognize no one is perfect, I believe there is plenty of blame to go around for what ails America.

Anonymous said...

I have strong feelings about this, but I have no answers either. Mark works with subsidized people and they truly believe they are entitled to everything. If their toilet clogs in the middle of the night they expect someone to get out of bed and plunge it for them. I lived many years in military housing and if I had done that I would have been either laughed out or thrown out. They don't have to get up and go to work so they party at night. Most of the time it ends with someone having to replace a door that was kicked in. They are not charged for anything so they have respect for nothing. They take pride in finding ways of cheating or getting more for nothing. Sometimes that becomes their job. If we helped only those who truly needed the help (the disabled) we could provide them with a much better lifestyle and still not put the country in bankruptcy. I believe the intention was honorable at the beginning, giving a hand up, it has just become a way of life for so many who could work and pay some of the taxes I have to pay to support them. Someone I know and love believes these handouts started for votes and nothing will be done because it will cost too many votes. Sorry I was so long winded.

Anonymous said...

So you have become a hatchet man?

I don't have answers either but some corrective action is needed.

Jwo- said...

Reading your thoughts & the comments, I have a hard time responding with, what would be considered, civil speech on topics like this. I too agree there's much blame to go around for America's ills but I also strongly believe that we must point an accurate finger at cause & effect. If we're not to repeat this ad nausea, the sequence is to identify the issue, isolate the problem, understand the causes & learn/evolve. As my Daddy said when I was 18, "what separates you from a guard dog is a brain!"

Liberals created the vast and sprawling slums/housing projects by using government as a funding tool for handouts = buying allegiance/votes. There is no better example of Liberal results than this article's shining POS. Why? Because Liberals will/would never hold his feet to the fire and require him to be responsible for his actions. They'll fund his women/babies through subsidies, encourage his malaise through free programs and ensure his continued slavery at the voting booth. It's never ending, growing through bloodlines and infesting others in proximity. Expansive Liberalism gives us the economies & 'gimme' philosophies of France, Italy, Greece, the old Soviet bloc, China et al, California, the Occupy Movement and generations of programmed kids who now believe they deserve everything for free (student loan protestors), all taught by Vietnam era misanthropes who never grew-up nor stopped raging at the machine. (Geez, the damn war is over!) Social programs are too self-destructive at the Federal level and should be (if voted into being at all) administered by the States. Which economy is better run/more successful: California or Texas? Enough said...

Back to this POS and his ilk. This is not just irresponsible...he/them are following the rules as they understand them...more babies = more monies (positive reinforcement for negative acts). Gee...I think I looped back into my previous paragraph...

Past a point of social irresponsiblity, the States should neuter repeat offenders (at their expense), thereby allowing them to pleasure themselves as widespread as they like without financially encumbering/offloading their results onto their fellow citizens. If they prove responsible overtime, the process might/can be reversed?