Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Do you remember the old commercial that started, “I wonder about a lot of things, like how balloons can fly. How can they when they don’t have wings? I wonder.” I also sometimes wonder. There are so many things about today’s world that seem strange to me. Like:

I wonder how a Federal judge can rule that Florida’s law requiring drug testing for all state employees is unconstitutional and at the same time most private employers continue to do this testing. Are the private companies violating some law or is the judge just overstepping his authority? I wonder.

I wonder how Warren Buffet can be trotted out as an example of the beauty of tax increases even to the point of naming a tax increase after him when Buffet himself, along with some of his many companies, is millions of dollars delinquent in their taxes and fighting it all the way. I wonder.

I wonder how the Federal Government, while refusing to enforce laws against illegal entry into this country, files a lawsuit against a state that is only trying to do that enforcement which the Feds refuse to take care of. Is there some financial benefit to the government for their actions? Like receiving contributions to Social Security when there can be no payout because of the fraud committed by the illegals? I wonder.

I wonder how our elected representatives, whom we hire to be our voice and speak for us, suddenly decide they are not our representatives at all but instead our leaders and in some cases even see themselves as our daddies. Daddies who come to believe they know what is best for us without regard to the law. I wonder.

I also wonder how any American Jew could be a Democrat. Never has it been clearer that Democrats are not friends of Israel. Are American Jews paying attention?  I wonder.

I wonder what my hero, Harry Truman, would think of the Democrat party today. Do you think he would be a Democrat now? I wonder.

I wonder about National Organization for Women Chairperson, Gloria Steinem who famously supported Bill Clinton when he was dallying with an intern. It was an obvious case of workplace sexual exploitation. Her comment was that powerful men had unusually high sexual needs, which was the excuse she gave for Clinton’s action. If he had been a Republican what would she have said? Is this just a phony baloney double standard? I wonder.

I wonder about prescription drugs being advertised on TV. I wonder about any Doctor who would take the advice of his patient as to what medication to prescribe based on the patient’s watching of TV commercials. I also wonder how anyone would take any of these drugs after hearing their disclaimers. Oh and how much is the cost of my prescriptions increased by this silly advertising? I wonder.

Speaking of ridiculous advertising, would my auto insurance be cheaper if so much of the company’s budget wasn’t spent for non-stop TV commercials? I wonder.

I wonder, after just hearing of a poll which shows 45% of respondents approve of the job Obama is doing, what exactly about his performance do they approve of? Is it 8% plus unemployment, tanking real estate values, unending wars all over the world, or the poorest economic recovery in history? I wonder.

I wonder how a twenty year old could be arrested for a crime only to learn that he had been arrested and convicted of many, many crimes in his short life. How could he be walking the streets of our country and not in prison? I wonder. Is there some financial benefit to the lawyers, courts, and the judicial system to keep up this flow of crime? I wonder.

Is skeptic spelled with a “c” or a “k”? I wonder.

I could fill pages with things I wonder about. But this is one thing I know. If you fill a balloon with hot air it will fly. And it would seem that hot air is one commodity we have in abundance.

Will our great country ever return to the paragon of civility and good where personal responsibility was once the norm?  Will we ever again be what most of us remember? I truly wonder.

Ron Scarbro May 2, 2012


Jeri Query said...

Exceptional column, Ron.ou

Jwo- said...

Ron, I've never sensed our way of life...'Free Market Capitalism' be in more jeopardy. I sense a global malaise that's returning our planet to overwhelming Socialism, or some sort of hybrid. I envision my studies of Eurpope during the Dark Ages, etc., and the Despots & Dictators that reigned. France is poised and actually considering Socialism as a remedy, Greece is 'ruint' and the vehicle of global debt seems to grow and control all future options. It really is our greatest national threat!

The Pelosi's ("we must pass it to know what's in it"), Obamas, Reeds, Bidens, Schumers, Kerrys, Gores of our Nation are the 'perfect' Liberals...all barely tolerating the minions below them and convinced of their superiority & rightness above their constituents. They run on ideologies, tout marketing phrases, get elected by their 'vapids' and launch THEIR desires/agendas/solutions upon us. Nancy Pelosi (spit!) said years ago that she was elected to save America (paraphrased). I thought she was elected to represent CA and serve accordingly?

If we, as an electorate, do not remain diligent and control our officials, we will repeat those Dark Ages and our progeny will pray for the emergence of another "shining light on a hill"! I'm glad I'm 57!


Bo Lumpkin said...

I've been thinkin' and wonderin' some of the same things.