Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Ever since man has inhabited this planet he has developed language to communicate with his fellows. Groups of people split off from each other and subsequently began formulating their own languages. This split often caused other problems. When diverse groups were unable to communicate they then became unable to solve their differences. This was probably the beginning of wars in an effort to solve such differences.

As man grew and developed more intelligence, he figured out ways to communicate with other groups. This was necessary for trade as well as just getting along. Different religions came into being. Most, but not all, religions figured out ways to co-exist with people who didn’t share their views. This is the issue that brings up this discussion.

I believe our problem with the Middle East is a language problem. This is what I mean. A short time ago an individual sitting on an airplane decided to ignite a bomb in his underwear. He was not an American citizen. He was grabbed and held for arrest. He was read his Miranda rights, as if he had Miranda rights, and told he had the right to remain silent. And he did. People from the Middle East said, “We don’t understand.” There was also the moron who, also on an airplane, chose to attempt to kill the entire planeload of people as well as anyone on the ground by firing up a bomb in his shoe. We arrested him, called him sir, treated him as if he were human, fed him, clothed him, and tried him in a real court as if he was actually entitled to such treatment. The people from the Middle East said, “We don’t understand.”

As a response to these airline attacks, we instituted the TSA. They stop 85 year old ladies in wheelchairs and strip search them while allowing twenty year old Muslim men to go through the line unencumbered. The people from the Middle East said, “We don’t understand.”

Now we have the military trials in Guantanamo where seven known killers are being tried for the massacre of thousands of innocent people. They are treating this trial as if it were a joke. They even have a female American lawyer who has chosen to dress in a burkha, covering her entire body and face, so as not to offend her “client.” Some of these idiots are making paper airplanes and mocking the families of their victims and we are allowing it. The people of the Middle East are saying, “We don’t understand.”

The best guess is that this trial could last for years. Vital evidence could be excluded from the trial so as not to prejudice the judges. In other words this trial will be handled as if it were for real humans with rights being granted to non-citizens and protections given where no protections should be granted. And the Middle East says, “We don’t understand.”

I think I have a solution for this language problem. I think we need to speak to the Middle East in a language they will understand. Here is my plan. Bring out these seven defendants, stand them up near a pickup truck. Shoot each one of them in the back of the head with a .45 slug, tote their bodies out to the nearest swamp and dump them where they will be disposed of by feral hogs. Oh, and telecast the entire event to the entire world so that all can see.

I believe the response from the people of the Middle East would then be, “Aha, now we understand. There had been a failure to communicate. Nobody ever explained it to us before. All we ever needed was for someone to just speak to us in our own language.” Language problem solved.

Ron Scarbro May 9, 2012


Anonymous said...

I have never understood why foreign citizens are granted the rights of an American citizen. She thinks your mean, I say use their methods and chop off their heads.
Your sister

SteveGanshert said...

I concur with your thoughts with one exception. They should be shot in the gut to allow for a slow and painful death.
(Title of the post could have been "War of the Words.")

Jwo- said...

This is the 'retardation' of the Left. These "intellects" (wow...that was harder not to laugh than I thought!) have never been faced with lethal malicious intent nor accept it's existence. Hence, like in their revered movie perceptions of life, they actually believe that if they tried hard enough...if they smiled broad enough...if they capitulated prostrate enough...if they genuflected and showed enough restraint...that the murderers aiming their guns at them will simply scratch their heads, have a 'ureka' moment and see the errors of their collective ways. After releasing from a prolonged loving & tearful embrace, one EX-murderer will spread the word to the other murderers (via the murderer's hotline, I guess?) extant and viola!...we all live in peace..."the lions will lay with the lambs". Liberals will never accept, maybe because their massive egos won't concede, that there are those that hate us so much...through lifelong programming, their lives being so hardscrabble & painful or they resent us for our help, that they neither have anything to loose nor the capacity to change.

As I've grown in life, I've come to question the need for hate within us. It seems we all hate something(s). I hate certain mindsets/politics, awbarn, etc. In a way, it must warm me because I feed at its trough daily. I surmise that if you live on hard dirt with no personal assets but scorpions, tarantulas and women hidden in burkhas, hell, I might wanna blow up something myself...first of all, ME! But I digress...

Were I in charge, there would be two forms of execution for these and other crimes, attempted or successful: feet first in a wood-chipper or being thrown off the back of the first warship leaving to cross the Pacific, at journey's midway point. If you survive either, you go free.

Questions so far??