Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Some on the left have said the Benghazi hearings going on in Washington are nothing more than a Republican witch hunt. Probably true. Some in the liberal media have said these hearings are not worth reporting and many are not even covering them. Okay.

I remember Nixon’s problems. I remember Clinton’s travails. If anybody thinks this matter is going away, they are sadly mistaken. While this may well be a witch hunt, there are probably witches (you pick your witch), to be found and exposed. And, this is going to happen whether the New York Times chooses to cover it or not. It is going to happen whether the big three networks report on it or not. This time there will be no moving on. We will not be satisfied with the excuse, “that is old news,” or any other effort by the White House to sweep this mess under the rug.  

This is probably what happened. There is enough information out already to know that the Embassy in Benghazi requested more security because they believed they were in danger. We know that in an e-mail signed by Hilary, security was even cut back. We know that the Embassy was subsequently attacked and four Americans were killed including our Ambassador.

The next things we know are that during the attack pleas went out for assistance. Our people were under a coordinated attack. Not only were those pleas ignored, an  order to “Stand Down” was issued to the military. That means simply that the Administration had no interest in protecting these people or our Embassy. You see, it didn’t fit the narrative Obama was spewing about Al-qaeda, that they were impotent and on the run and posed little or no danger to us.

Next came the “talking points” from the White House. Everybody was told what to say and they did as they were told. Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton dutifully carried the company mail and tried to hide the truth from the American people. Well, it didn’t work. This was all done to try and protect Obama’s reelection campaign. That part worked. America bought the lies and Obama was reelected. Now it has hit the fan.

The CIA is now being blamed by the Administration for altering the talking points. More lies. As Gov. Huckabee recently said, this is less about the CIA and more about CYA.

I have lost count of the times when scandals have hit people in high places only to be brought down, not by the scandal as much as by the attempted cover up. During Watergate there were the tapes. During Clinton there was the dress. In other words there is always going to be something. Somebody, somewhere, is going to come up with something and all hell is going to break loose. Huckabee has now said that Obama will probably not serve out his complete term because of this and other scandals. I am not ready to write his eulogy yet but he is in for some real tough sledding. Only time will tell.

Today the IRS is having to apologize for targeting political foes of Democrats and Obama in particular. Who ordered that targeting? Obamacare is in serious trouble from both sides of the aisle because it is just flat unworkable and too expensive. The Benghazi scandal is not going to magically disappear and will have to be dealt with. Add to that an economy that is stagnant with unemployment at unacceptable levels. No, I would say that the road ahead for Obama is going to be at best difficult if not impossible. And if you don’t think this is going to hurt Hillary in 2016, again you are sadly mistaken. This is going to be fun to watch.

Ron Scarbro May 15, 2013

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Jwo- said...

Ron, I want to believe your assesments. I frantically want to return to a time when important issues matter, resonate in the public mind and people not only take responsibility but suffer consequences. I know, from my dated mindset, that there is a paradigm in place that differs dramatically from mine. This mentality is now the majority and prevalent.

Sadly, NO ONE...outside of our a sh**! No one...outside of our traditional model...cares! The day where people got their news from the major networks has waned into absurdity. The vast voting block today...youth, minorities and emerging illegals...have their agendas and self-interests that rule their vote...not altruism to Country and Constitution...again, that only exists with us. Elections are "American Idol, Politics Edition". The majority of electorate get their 'propoganda and misinformation' from the Comedy Channel. And even there, the topics find surface only as long as the writers can suck comedy out of them and at the expense of the responsible minority. Only those dying dinosaurs like us watch and listen to the once 'major outlets' and are critical thinkers who care...and there's only a limited subset of 'major outlets' that still have an American soul.

The last one to take responsibility was Nixon. What happened to Clinton? Not a damn thing! So he got impeached...big whup! How did that alter, change, affect him AT ALL? He remains the Left's big stick and his wife has learned her lessons well too. With the media downplaying/ignoring, Entertainment criticizing/mocking and Education indoctrinating/shaping future battlefields, how is any of this going to stick, hurt, last, matter in an age when kids don't care, nere-do-wells suck on government, illegals and immigrants don't speak the language nor relate to the process/candidate (other than the hand-me-out candidate) and taking responsibility is an out dated trait of you and me?

I desperately want you to be right...but I no longer believe the 'pendulum' can swing back against the numbers and the tide...

This reads as depressed or hopeless...I really, really wish it were. I believe it to be fact/reality. obama lives with brash disregard for consequences and the Socialist's attitude of ruling. He fears no backlash, cares for no legacy opinion extant, is unshaped by any convention that doesn't serve the marginalization of America and the Socialization of our way of life. Too much has been given away...and it can be put back.

The truth only matters to people like you and me...and I feel we're living in California...or Detroit...or young Russia. The only thing over which obama worries would be the displeasure of his boss, Putin.

Other than that...I feel great and agree...