Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I confess. I’ve  been watching some of these Congressional Hearings dealing with Benghazi, AP phone records seizures, and now the IRS hearings dealing with the targeting of conservative groups. I heard Hillary scream “What does it really matter who or why Americans were killed.” I heard Eric Holder say he had recused himself from the AP seizure matter. I also heard the State Dept. career employees who had been previously threatened with their jobs if they spoke to Congress. I listened as Steven Miller, IRS Head, denied any responsibility in the targeting matter. I heard Jay Carney as he attempted to explain away the unexplainable to justify the unjustifiable. Just recently I also heard as Holder try in vain to defend the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme. Now I have heard IRS head Lois Lerner invoke Fifth Amendment privilege and refuse to answer any questions from mere mortal Congressmen. As I have listened to all these bureaucrats, I have come away with this single conclusion. “Somebody Lyin’.”

When I was a youngster and got into trouble, my mother would sit me down and say this, “If it wasn’t you, and if it wasn’t me, then it must have been that rascal behind the tree.” Of course there was no rascal and there was no tree. There was only me.

I remember my first day as a brand new manager. My supervisor gave me this information. “I will someday visit your office and if there is a light bulb burned out or if the restroom needs cleaning, I won’t be looking for the janitor. No, I’ll be looking for you. Anything and everything that happens in this office is your responsibility and no one else’s.” That was an excellent lesson.

Today, as we look at the Obama administration, and as we see all the scandals being revealed, I have come away with one of three conclusions. Number one, they are all completely incompetent. Or number two, they are lying, cheating, self serving, arrogant, crooks who care only about themselves, or number three, a combination of the first two.

I said at the outset of this administration that these were corrupt people and nothing has happened to change my mind. But, I never thought they were also stupid. I may have to re-examine that thought. Some of you may think that all of their misdeeds are now hitting the fan. I believe what we are seeing today is just the tip of the iceberg. When you have corrupt people in power, there is no limit to their potential crimes. And yes, I did say crimes.

The actions of the State Dept., the Attorney General, the heads of the IRS, and the press secretary are criminal acts. The question is were they directed by Obama? Where did these crooks get their marching orders?

I have heard Congressional leaders say clearly that the findings of their committee hearings will be turned over to prosecutors with the possibility of  criminal charges being filed.

I remember Nixon. Nobody really thought that he was the instigator of the actions that eventually brought him down, but he was. I remember Clinton. Who really thought he was stupid enough to have a dalliance with an intern in the Oval Office and then lie under oath about it, but he did.

As is often the case, the attempted cover up usually winds up being worse than the original crime. Lying requires more lies. More lies require even more lies. The point in time comes when you just can’t remember all the lies. Just look at Jay Carney.

Do these people really think they are going to get away with this? This fact is clear. Somebody lyin’, period. And somebody gonna pay, period. The American people will demand it.

Ron Scarbro May  22, 2013

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Anonymous said...

I am beginning to believe that no one is going to pay and no one is going to be held responsible. I don't understand what has happened to this country, but how can we punish our kids for wrong doing when they are bombarded with instance after instance of politicians and celebrities thumbing their nose at our laws, and being rewarded for it. I find everything getting scary.