Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Have we seen enough yet? If not, then when. How much more carnage do we have to witness before we end it? Our politically correct President won’t even identify our enemy for what it is, radical Islamic terrorism. To see him at a baseball game in Cuba with a communist dictator while this attack was going on was an embarrassment. It is clear that he is unaffected by the whole interruption of his plans. When I think about it, I probably would prefer he be out of the country during these periods of crisis. He is far more apt to exacerbate the situation than to fix it. For my money he can just stay in South America and keep Michelle with him.

So, what is the answer? What should the world’s response be to this latest violence on innocent civilians? My answer is simple. We kill them.

Some will say that is just impossible. We can’t possibly kill them all. Well, we don’t have to. We actually just have to kill a few. We have to kill the right ones. We know where they are. We know who they are. We know who is protecting them. They should have to wake up, look over the horizon and see a fleet of bombers bearing down on them. There will be no advanced warning. There will be no “threat level” elevation. No, just a delivery of the same carnage they have inflicted on the rest of the free world. Doubtless there will be collateral damage. Doubtless there will be so-called innocent people killed with the terrorists. To that I say they brought this war on themselves. Sadly the mothers and fathers who bred this group of evil may well have to suffer. Such is war. Had these parents been teaching their children peace and love instead of hate, we wouldn’t have to kill them like dogs.  

In the final analysis this would end very quickly. Remember it took just two bombs and about twenty seconds to bring the Empire of Japan to her knees. What makes you think we could not do the same to ISIS. Some will say these people want to die. Okay, let’s let them have their wish. Dead people cannot fire back. Dead people cannot bomb airports. If they keep popping up, we play “Whack-a-mole.” Believe me, when they see that theirs is a no-win situation, it will come to an end. We then arm the Kurds and anyone else in the neighborhood who is likewise tired of the radical jihad and watch them bring about a peaceful end to the hostilities.

If we don’t act and act very quickly, we are going to see the same destruction here. In fact we may already be too late. We don’t stop anyone at our border. We are letting thousands of so-called refugees into this country with little or no vetting. In reality there is no way of vetting them. Without a doubt there are already camps set up in this country preparing their “soldiers” for the jihad. We absolutely have to get them first before they try to get us.

Does anybody really believe Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could or would do anything to protect this country? Let me assure you, they won’t. Either of them would be too busy attending “gay weddings” or supervising abortion clinics to deal with the protection of America.

America needs a warrior to be President. We need decisive leadership, not polling. We need firm resolve, not “green energy” or cookie baking lessons. We need a President to whom our  military would be loyal. Not like it is now.

We are going to be hit again. These morons are going to pick at the scab until we either roll over and die or we rise up and destroy them. The choice is ours and the clock is ticking.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

Excellent! I agree 100%. Re: dead people not being able to shoot weapons, you're right again. The only thing I've ever seen dead people do consistently is vote for Democraps!

Our horrible, worthless POS-in-Chief only cares about his muslim brothers & sisters! He's brought more Iranians into our inner government than most understand, or care too! No wonder Iran was gifted with that horrible deal...they permeate our agencies, thanks to obama (spit!), his 'handler' is Iranian, as is Hillarbitch's aide, and it goes on and on. Its really scary how badly our security has been compromised, under their Socialist policies, as they hide securely behind the 'politically correct' standards they've fostered upon their sycophants and us. These people have resigned their allegiance to America, in lieu of their own agendas & self-interest, and want us to become a homogenized country, overrun with illegals, muslims and Democrap voters. They should be legally executed for treason, if you ask me!