Wednesday, March 2, 2016


A few years back when we lived in Minnesota, I used to listen to a radio program called “Garage Logic.” It was hosted by a genial curmudgeon named Joe Soucheray. Joe would find and comment on some of the sillier items in the news. One of his favorite sayings was, “I’m just not made for these times.” It was another way of saying that the world was passing him by, and he didn’t mind because he didn’t feel he belonged to what was going on. Well, in many ways, I feel the same way.

For example the City Council of Charlotte North Carolina recently passed an ordinance which let people decide for themselves which public restrooms they should use without regard to biological gender. They felt that people should be allowed to decide for themselves whether they belonged in the men’s room or the women’s room. Their choice of bathrooms should be made not on a biological basis but on a personal choice based on what they believed to be their gender. This, the City Council determined, would solve the “gender identity” problem some folks have. So if you want to be a girl today, even though you are a biological man, I guess you can just use the ladies restroom.

I received an email forward recently which sought to take care of the gender identity problem once and for all. It said, “Having a gender identity problem? Just look in your underwear.”  

Now before I get attacked by the entire cross dressing, confused, undecided, LGBT population, let me just say this. I recognize there are some individuals who may have chemical imbalances or even physiological mutations. I used to raise livestock and we would occasionally have such an animal. They were extremely rare however. Those animals were culled from our herd for obvious reasons. The human animal is treated quite differently today. We don’t cull people. In some quarters he is congratulated, awarded prizes for courage, or just exalted among his peers. Such treatment, I fear, has caused some to take on the transvestite persona in order to get in on the action  and get attention.

Several school systems are in the same boat. They have young girls who want to be on the boy’s team and several young boys who want to dress and shower with the girls. It seems they just can’t make up their minds whether they are girls or boys. Sounds a little fishy to me. Silly me, I guess I’m just not made for these times.

Young girls are tattooing up their beautiful faces and bodies with permanent and hideous images. Many youngsters are cutting holes in their faces and bodies for various piercings. What’s going to happen when they show up at a prospective employer looking like a clown? They better hope they have a good source of money that doesn’t require they have an actual job. No, this is not a world that I was made for.

We have allowed the scourge of political correctness to control our language and our actions. We cannot call a spade a spade. Truth is compromised so we don’t hurt someone’s feelings. We cannot call a freak a freak even though he may be a freak. We spend untold hours dancing around the elephants in our rooms. All the while the freaks get freakier.

I am convinced that there will be an accounting for all this and it is coming soon. The world will not conform to the silliness of a few weirdos. Eventually the sane people will take the world back and reestablish common sense rules of living. It won’t be pretty for some but for the adults it will be a great sigh of relief. I look forward to such a time.

Ron Scarbro

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