Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Over the years I have attended many different churches. Most of them, at least the Protestant Churches, are configured the same way. You have a congregation sitting in pews in an auditorium setting. In the front is a raised stage where the pulpit stands and behind the pulpit the choir resides on tiers which are at varying elevations. When the preacher delivers his sermon, he faces the congregation with his back to the choir. It has been generally felt that the choir didn’t actually need to hear the sermon as they were already “in the flock.” From this configuration comes the term “preaching to the choir.”

That term has come to mean that people like me who write opinion pieces railing against all things liberal are writing only to people of like mind. Some of you have told me that what I write infuriates you and makes you so mad you could spit. Well I hope so. I also know there are readers who don’t necessarily fit into the term “choir.” They also get mad at what I write. But not for the same reasons.

I am not deceived. I understand. I know most of my faithful readers agree with me most of the time. Some have even told me they would get much harsher with the rhetoric if they were doing the writing. But I also appreciate those who disagree. I appreciate all who read these columns. Whether these words make you mad at the situation or just mad at the messenger, I value your readership.

For the record, I try to be informative as well as entertaining. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to be entertaining when dealing with some of the issues of the day. It has never been my objective to incite you or to anger you. But I certainly understand if you do get mad. I get mad also. My objective is to share with you my thoughts and at times some possible solutions.

I feel far too many people in this country only get their news from very limited sources and therefore only get one side. If one gets their news from the so called “elite media,” all they are going to hear is news from a very narrow left wing perspective. If your only source is Fox News, all you will hear is the right side. Bloggers like me try to offer something somewhere in the middle. Liberals think I only write right wing stuff while people on the right sometimes criticize my thoughts as being too far to the left. When this happens I feel I have accomplished my mission.

Some may wonder what I am writing about today. It is simple. I know that some of you share these columns with people on your mailing lists. I know because I hear from some of them. My hope and wish is that more of you would share these words. Quite simply, I believe the more who read them the better. I know that there are readers from all over the world because I have a service that tells me where my readers are and how many there are. Oh, and this note to the NSA. Thanks for your patronage. I hope you have learned something.

Today if you are part of the choir, bless you. If you read just to disagree, bless you too. Maybe someday you might read something that makes you think. Thank you all for visiting and I hope you will continue and bring your friends along.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

"Liberals think I only write right wing stuff while people on the right sometimes criticize my thoughts as being too far to the left. When this happens I feel I have accomplished my mission."

I am by no means trying to be argumentative, but I'd love it if you could remind us of even a few examples of something you wrote that caused someone to accuse you of "being too far to the left." If nothing, I find you to be highly consistent of speaking/writing adamantly on views that those who sit on the right side of the aisle favor.

Mike Query said...

Ron, my friend, do NOT change the way you write. You have insights that a lot of us don't have. I wish you had a bigger stage because I fear that the ones who need to hear what you are saying are not. Keep on writing because one of these days one of the aids to congressmen an the president will screw up and let one of your articles get through.

Your friend and follower,
Mikey Q

Anonymous said...

I concur with the gentlemen above - Do NOT change your sharp stance and wit aimed at the left...
In my original remark, I was just merely curious to see a sample(s) of something that you’ve scribed that could be interpreted by any of your followers as being Liberal. I read your commentaries weekly and my perception is you’re way more Rush Limbaugh-ish than you are Bill Maher-like. I by no means was trying to be insulting, nor was I suggesting you should take a more neutral approach to your opinion-based prose. Be true to your believes and keep on keepin’ on, Ron!

Ron Scarbro said...

I appreciate your comments. I am pleased to have you both as readers. I love hearing from my critics both positive and negative.

Thanks again,