Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Some of you have asked me who I will support in the next Presidential election. Today it is not a very easy answer but I will try and do my best.

My first requirement of a candidate is he or she must be electable in a national election. In other words they must appeal to people all over the political spectrum. For the Republican Party to win this election we must include all people and exclude none. That doesn’t mean we weaken our positions, it just means we teach and explain why our way is the right way. We will need the votes of the black community as well as women and Hispanics.

Secondly our candidate must not have a tarnished past or a record of lying and cheating. Let the Democrats have that candidate. Ours must be an honorable citizen with a record of accomplishment. The presidency is not an “on the job training position.” We have seen that for the last seven years and it has failed miserably.

Our candidate should have succeeded in business, or politics, or in the military, or just in life itself. I am not electing a monarch. I am not looking for a king. I am voting for someone to represent me and this country honorably.

That person’s religion or lack of it is not particularly relevant to me. I don’t care if he has Cuban parents, Italian parents, or American parents. I’m just looking for a person who looks at this country the way I do. I want someone who loves America and her people and who would defend her to the death. I want someone who will restore this great nation to her previous strength. I want someone who recognizes that the world need not love us, but they absolutely must respect or fear us.

Too often we become “single issue” voters. We automatically discard anyone who might, for example, have a different view on abortion, or same sex marriage. That single mindedness can cause some to sit out elections which guarantee that the opponents of freedom will win elections. Remember there will never be a perfect candidate.

Here is a reality. The Democrats have a built-in block of voters of about 40%. You know who they are. The Democrats are running a pathological, congenital liar and a socialist/communist. And one of them has a chance to win. Why? Because of this block of built-in voters. There is a very good reason Democrats don’t ever want voter ID required. They would lose many, many votes.

I like all of the Republicans and will support whoever the nominee is. I like Rubio. He is young, attractive, and will appeal to a variety of voters. I like Cruz for many of the same reasons. I like former or present Governors for their executive experience. I like Christie and Trump for their brashness and daring. As for my top  choice, I will wait a while and see how these candidates fare in the upcoming primaries.

When our candidate is elected however, I hope he picks someone like Trey Gowdy as Attorney General. That would be bad news for a lot of Democrats including Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton. There could be some serious jail time for both of them. Jeb Bush would be a great Secretary of State. Other Cabinet positions would be relatively easy with the talent available to our next President.

It is also essential that we retain our majority in the Congress. Remember there will be several positions open on the Supreme Court soon. I can’t even imagine how this country would look if the Democrats were able to choose the next court.

This election is the Republicans to win or lose. Only we can decide.

Ron Scarbro

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