Wednesday, April 6, 2016


There has been a lot of talk in recent days and weeks about whether Hillary will be indicted or not. There has been speculation as to whether she violated federal law by setting up a private server to operate her e-mail system. Did she lie about Benghazi? In fact, has she lied about almost everything since she first appeared on the national scene?

I clearly remember the time her husband, renowned skirt chaser Bill Clinton, was first implicated in the so-called “bimbo eruptions.” Her response, why this is just a vast right wing conspiracy. Well, as a proud charter member of the “vast right wing conspiracy,” I am pleased to announce that Bill was in fact guilty of illicit sexual contact with many young ladies and went on to be disbarred from the practice of law for lying to a Grand Jury and further was impeached by the Congress. So much for a conspiracy.

So, back to Hillary. Is she a congenital liar? Is she a pathological liar? Is she guilty of compromising national secrets and jeopardizing the lives of agents across the world? Did she or did she not, on her first day in office as Secretary of State, sign a document stating that she would guard all secrets with which she was entrusted under penalty of criminal indictment and prosecution?  Did she set up this private e-mail service for convenience or to bypass review by anyone else? In other words, did she just decide that the rules didn’t apply to her and she could do whatever she wanted to do? Were her closest advisors and employees in on the activity therefore serving as co-conspirators?

Now comes the real question. Should she in fact be indicted and prosecuted for her violations of the law? There is at least one person who surely knows. The FBI probably knows. The State Department probably knows. The Justice Department probably knows. But, the one person who definitely knows is Hillary herself. She knows what she did and why. She knows this wasn’t a mistake. She knows she lied about Benghazi. She knew that her husband was a serial cheat long before the famous blue dress. She knew there was no “vast right wing conspiracy.” In fact all of the questions concerning her criminal activity which she has worked hard to cover up for years are well known to Hillary herself.

So far she has gotten away with everything. So far her followers seem blind and just brush under the rug all of her sins and indiscretions. They seem to think this will all just go away. Wrong. Hillary has a major problem. Violating our secrets and mishandling classified information is not a sin or an indiscretion. It is a violation of federal law punishable by federal prison time and I mean serious prison time.

If Hillary thinks that James Comey, head of the FBI will cover up her crimes because of politics, she is grossly misjudging the situation. If she thinks that Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the US is going to look the other way…wrong again. These public servants will not put their careers on the line for a washed up, opportunist politician. No, Hillary is going to have to face the music.

The sad truth is Hillary knows she is guilty. She knows that an indictment is imminent. She has to know that she will not even be the nominee if she is wearing an orange jumpsuit let alone be elected to the highest office in the land. You know what else? The Democrat party knows this too. They are holding their collective breaths waiting for the other shoe to fall. The smart money says they are already getting her replacement ready and he isn’t Bernie Sanders. Time will tell.

Ron Scarbro

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Jwo- said...

There is nothing...except seeing obama(spit!) doing the same...but NOTHING will make me happier than watching her frog-walked into a prison facility in an orange jump suit. Afterwards, I'd have a renewed appreciation for the color 'orange'. I sure hope you're spot on, Ron. Experience observing government has me skeptical as hell, even in the face of what looks like overwhelming evidence. Couple that with her outward sense of calm about all this and her comments, I'm starting to fear that the 'fix' is in and we're screwed again!

Read today where the government seeks to limit the scope of testimony, about her private server. Topics they wish Judge Sullivan to forbid are (quote) "employment status of a single employee; the storage, handling, transmission, or protection of classified information, including cybersecurity issues; and questions about any pending investigations."

We live in a weird world, my friend...too warped for prime time! Again, I PRAY you're right but I'm skeptical 'til I see it! Too many instances of good people being compromised. I believe the 'powers that be' held something over Judge Roberts re: obamacare and I think they'll threaten whomever is wayward against their agendas and pull them in line...that includes Comey and especially Lynch. The power brokers and the 'men behind the curtain' have and/or can fabricate beyond discovery, any sordid story they can imagine and use it like a gun to the head!

I'm having a hard time seeing our country survive these collusions, at the highest levels!