Wednesday, April 13, 2016


One of my all time heroes, John Wayne, once said that life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid. I thought of that when I heard the latest news from the moronic liberal left. This time in the form of Bruce Springsteen who has decided to cancel his concert scheduled for North Carolina because of North Carolina’s new law concerning public restrooms.

To refresh your memory, North Carolina has decided by law that one may use public restroom facilities based on the gender indicated on their birth certificate. In other words just because one may feel like a girl from time to time, he may not enter a ladies restroom. He must tend to his bathroom business according to his actual gender, not his choice gender.

To the weenie liberals, this is a travesty. How dare any state make a gender decision for anyone. Just because one is born a male, doesn’t necessarily mean one must live as a male. He may feel it necessary to dress in frilly clothes and frilly underwear. He may feel it necessary to wear facial makeup in an effort to make himself pretty, even though it never works. He would then feel completely uncomfortable entering a restroom designated for men.

The same rules apply to the opposite sex as well. I don’t know if it has escaped your notice, but men’s restrooms are equipped for men, not women. Urinals are for standing room only and men are usually equipped to suit the equipment.

As a husband, father, and a grandfather I have more basic concerns. The last thing I would want is for any of the females in my life to enter a public restroom facility only to be faced with a group of cross dressing men adjusting their makeup or attending to other duties.

While I am not a doctor, I do have an opinion about this. I think chemical imbalance, sometimes referred to as crazy,  may  cause some of the gender confusion. They may truly believe they are of a different sex than their birth gender, but a public restroom is not a laboratory. One’s imbalances, chemical and otherwise, must be dealt with in hospitals or doctors offices.

I am aware that in rare cases individuals can be born with undeveloped sexual identities but those are so rare that they don’t even rank on any scale. I have written before that, as a livestock producer in my younger days, I have seen animals equipped with organs of both sexes. Such animals are culled immediately. Of the thousands of animals I have seen, this particular weirdness only showed up twice. In the so-called lesser animal kingdom such animals are culled by their peers.

I once heard that insanity is contagious, you can get it from your kids. Maybe so, but the kind of craziness that is going on in the “politically correct” community appears to be contagious also. It must be. Nonsense begets nonsense. This is not going to end until the sensible sane people of this country get together and end it. North Carolina as well as several other states is trying to do just that. I believe the sane, sensible people of this country should celebrate North Carolina and the other states that are dealing with this nonsense and support their efforts.

We should turn our backs on the weenie liberals who just can’t seem to get the fact that what they want just isn’t America. I wouldn’t go across the street to see Bruce Springsteen do or sing anything. But I wouldn’t have even before this latest incident. I will continue to carefully use my platform to celebrate true American ideals and continue to use this same venue to pan and criticize the enemies of freedom, the liberal left.

Ron Scarbro


Anonymous said...

What is scary is the fact that my granddaughter may be in the rest room alone and a predator might come in under the guise of sexual preference and rape her. Does anyone believe that doesn't pose a threat. I know, the creep will stop and think "if I do this I might mess up the chance for people to use the rest room of their choice, so therefore I won't." Please. I say make sure you carry a weapon at all times.

Anonymous said...

You know Ron, I think it’s kind of cool that after almost eight years of Obama being in office, I now have twice as many bathrooms to choose from when “nature calls” compared to the days when a Republican held the position of Commander-in-Chief. Now that’s what I call progress!

Jwo- said...

As I read this, I began thinking that mankind...if allowed to roam without constraints of decorum, across their imagination's breadth...will perverse themselves to the extremes, if they stand for nothing, hold no convictions and/or worship nothing beyond themselves...ala Sodom & Gomorrah. Education & Entertainment has been so corrupted that they now promote the decadence they envision as 'freedoms' and suppress responsibility, rationale and natural parameters in kids. Today, it is en vogue to be 'gay', among our youth. Do you know the statistical percentage of natural occurring gays in society? Less than 1%. Yet you can't swing a cat, around youth today, and not hit someone who self-identifies as a bi-sexual...predominantly due to being programmed by these new movies and shows that's on every night, where women are attracted to women, kissing, touching, openly in relationships, et al. This theme permeates society, is supported by Liberal educators and young girls grow up absorbing this and being so directed. Before these broadcasts, the numbers of bi's and gays were glaringly you tell me... Did we all of a sudden birth little gays en masse, over the past decade(s)? I don't think so!

I've observed this 1st-hand in the daughter of a friend. At a young age, she began Netflix-ing shows beyond her recommended age group. Up until these practices became known & curtailed, she watched unfettered, vampire & gladiator-themed shows where warrior women were sexually attracted to their peers and the fantasies became intertwined. The message was shaped that perversions are normal and to be a strong, bold and brave woman/warrior, you will naturally have Sappho tendencies & practices. She has so identified and began promoting herself as bi. Kids learn have no grounding except what they're taught. That's why black culture is so collectively in jeopardy, they have no family structure, no Dad's in place and they roam and are raised by their peers...hence, no respect for themselves, others, authority, etc. And what does this millennial society require? That the rest of society...the 'norms'...bend and adjust, expense and impacts be accommodate the fringe.

Our emerging society has self-identified as Caitlyn Jenner. And trust me, it will only get worse. If we don't reestablish a bulkhead of norms and beliefs, the uniqueness of America will end. The greatest society of all time will degrade into Socialism, as the two verticals mentioned, education & entertainment...bolstered by a corrupt programming our youth and the vapid adults extant away from the specialness of our Constitution. All these issues conflate and the result is the decline of America.

Now...that being said...I've got to go put on a dress and go to town...I think I need to pee and I don't wanna miss the show...and I don't even need to bring a fistful of 'ones'! ;^D