Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Today I heard a well-known loud mouthed liberal say that we should celebrate diversity. We should welcome immigrants into our midst with open arms and open borders. After all, aren’t we a nation of immigrants?

Okay. Let’s agree that we are a nation of immigrants. Let’s also agree that literally thousands of new people are arriving on our shores every year. I absolutely have no problem with new immigrants coming to America if they come legally. My problem is when some of these new people come here, they expect us to turn our country into the pig sty they just escaped from. They refuse to learn our language expecting us to cater to their whims and publish in their language. Rather than trying to assimilate, they choose instead to form separate communities. What do you think would happen if you decided to go into any foreign country and asked them to change their road signs into English and supply English speaking teachers for your children? Also, what do you think would happen if you snuck in illegally? Do you think they would accommodate you?

Rather than learning our laws and customs, many Middle Eastern immigrants want us to accept their twelfth century laws and mores. I don’t care if they want to dress as if they were in the desert and facing sandstorms. That is their choice. I do, however, resent their refusal to remove their headscarves for required identification. I also object to our allowing it.

I am aware of a major retailer who must have someone else check customers out of their grocery store when pork is purchased because the clerk running the cash register cannot or will not touch “unclean” pork. That is total nonsense.

Most of the recent “immigrants” as they are called, who are actually trespassers, come from Mexico and Central America. They come, we are told, to improve their lives. They take the jobs that Americans will not take. They are hardworking people who pay taxes and never take welfare. What they actually are are potential Democrat voters who try to hide until someone takes pity on them and gives them full citizenship. Regardless of their reason for sneaking into our country, they broke the law to get here. I understand many of them pay cartels thousands of dollars to hire guides and so-called coyotes to get them across the border and into cities on our southern border. Where did they get that kind of money? And if they have that kind of money, why don’t they stay where they are and fix their own country instead of coming here and trying to screw up ours?

I have known and worked with many Hispanics over my lifetime and I have liked them all. They are industrious people. They are truly hard working people. If they put half as much effort into fixing their own messes as they put into trying to trespass into our country, they wouldn’t need to immigrate. If I had the power, I would trade California for Mexico and then all the Hispanics who came here illegally would probably go back to Mexico for a better life. It is a beautiful country with untold natural resources. If they just got rid of corrupt leaders,  enforced the law, and collected the taxes they should, they would be a very rich country indeed.

America is the country it is because of our people. We are indeed a beacon to the world and as such have become the destination for many. Unless we control our borders, we will cease to be that beacon. Today, rather than celebrate diversity, I choose to celebrate America.  

Ron Scarbro

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