Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Okay, here’s what we know. Hillary Clinton set up a private server to conduct the business of the State Department while she was Secretary of State. She used that server to send and receive classified emails. She alleged this was done for her convenience. She sent and received these emails to several people during this period. Among the people on her email list were Huma Abedin, Sidney Blumenthal, and probably Barack Obama. She lied to the American people about the server and the emails. When the Congress learned of the server they subpoenaed the emails. Hillary then destroyed the emails, approximately thirty thousand of them, and attempted to destroy several Blackberries and laptops to get rid of the evidence. During this period, the FBI was involved in an investigation of this whole affair. At about the same time, Bill Clinton, the husband of the target of the investigation, had a private thirty-nine minute meeting with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. That meeting was a discussion of golf and grandchildren they reported. The Congress then subpoenaed several members of Hillary’s private cadre to gain information. They all pleaded for protection from prosecution under the fifth amendment. Many of these same people were called before the FBI for questioning where it is reported they couldn’t remember any of the facts in the case. At the conclusion of the investigation FBI Director, James Comey, held a news conference and stated that while there was tremendous evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton, they would not recommend prosecution.  

Did you get all of that? Now let’s look at what we suspect. Hillary set up this private server to conduct the business of the Clinton Foundation as well as arranging for bribes and pay-for-play with private businesses and foreign governments. She believes today, as she has always believed, that she is above the law and can do whatever she wants even though she signed a document at the State Dept. swearing she would never be involved with the mess she has gotten herself into. She knowingly was in contempt of Congress when she directed her minions to destroy evidence of her criminal activity. They all pleaded the fifth to try and stay out of jail. Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch not to discuss golf or grandchildren but instead to make a deal with Lynch to keep Hillary out of jail by probably promising her a continuation of her job as AG. When Hillary’s co-conspirators were called before the FBI, they did as they were advised by Hillary’s lawyer to “not remember” any of the details. At this point I am confident that Comey also did what he was told when he didn’t recommend prosecution of Hillary. Just last week a new batch of emails was discovered on the laptop of renowned and disgraced former Congressman and sexual pervert, Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closet personal advisor. There are literally thousands of emails on his laptop. Probably many of the missing emails from Hillary’s server. This discovery is so damaging to Hillary that Comey had no choice but to reveal it and to deal with the fallout of the release of the information.

So, what’s next? We have an election in a week. There is a far out chance that Hillary will be elected. There are still enough idiots in this country who refuse to see the facts before them. Whether she wins the election or not, she will be indicted. The Congress will  have no choice but to impeach her if she happens to win the election. It is against the law to hold Federal office if you are under indictment for espionage. She will then be the second Clinton to be impeached. She may well be sent to Federal Prison. Then maybe we will finally be rid of the Clintons for good in this country. I, for one, have had a belly full of Clinton and hope never to hear the name again.

Ron Scarbro

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Alice Tellefson said...

All of this is true especially the part about the idiots that still intend to vote for her. I would love nothing more than to see her in jail where she belongs. But assuming she is elected and then impeached we will be stuck with Kaine. That would be almost as bad. I don't remember ever being this depressed and anxious prior to any election in the 50 years since I have had the privilege to vote. It is a sad world in which we are currently living. I hope we can help make America great again.