Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Well, the election is over. My candidate didn’t win. My first choice was Huckabee and my second choice was Rubio, so I lost on both accounts. And, sadly, here I sit with no therapy dog, no hot chocolate, and no safe space where I can go and cry my eyes out. I guess the next best thing is to go out and try to destroy my community. Maybe I can burn up some cars or burn down independent businesses that are only trying to serve my needs. Maybe I’ll throw burning molotov cocktails at the police. Since I am the smartest person in the room, I’ll wear a mask so they will never know who I am. I am going to protest this election until they do it over and make my candidate the winner.

You no doubt have been hearing all this nonsense going on. Spoiled children who think, since their candidate didn’t win, they have the right to demand a do over. It seems that the liberals’ idea of freedom is only if things turn out the way they want.  Some colleges are actually giving their students a few days off from classes to mourn and deal with their hurt feelings.

Well listen up young anarchists. One of the main reasons Hillary and the Democrats lost is because of spoiled children like you. The traditional Americans who go to work every day just to pay for your overpriced colleges and the military who serve all over the world putting themselves in harm’s way so you can have a crying room are fed up with your childishness. They are fed up with “political correctness.” If you are offended, deal with it. Who in this world ever told you that you could go through life and never be offended. You probably never heard of her, but Eleanor Roosevelt once said that no one can offend you without your permission.

I have a small suggestion for this new administration. Re-institute the military draft. Give young eighteen year olds something to think about besides themselves. I remember when I was eighteen. I was on guard duty in a desolate forest in Germany in the middle of the night. The Soviet Union had given us a timetable to be out of Germany and we weren’t going to leave. So, there I stood quite literally scared to death trying to be brave and waiting for the hoards from the USSR to attack. I’ll tell you this, I became a man. I quickly came to understand what responsibility was.

We are constantly being told that these young people are our future. They will only be our future if they grow up and learn what it means to be an American.   

There will be no do over. In four years Trump will probably run again and unless I miss my guess, if you are offended by this election, you will certainly be upset by the next one. America is tired of the leftist direction of the past eight years. America is tired of “big brother” knowing what is best in everything. America is tired of having to remind individuals of the need to just look in their underwear to determine which restroom to go into. America is tired of having their road signs in five languages so no one has to learn English to drive on our roads.

America is yearning to return to her traditional ways.

So, young disillusioned children and anarchists, there are no participation trophies in a Presidential election. There are only winners and losers. Go home. Read the Constitution. Study history. Learn what it means to be an American. Pray this government doesn’t take my suggestion and start drafting you. You might then have to grow up.

Ron Scarbro

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