Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Watching the national elite media since the election has been an interesting experience. Initially they were in shock. To the vast number of us who don’t have a very high opinion of the “elitist” media, it was just funny. Some of them were inconsolable. Some were in or near tears. All seemed to be aghast by the Trump win.  It almost seemed like the death of a loved one. First there is the disbelief, then the slow, begrudging acceptance of the reality, all complete with a very real sadness.

The reason for their disbelief is simple. They live and travel in a world of liberal make believe. They trod the cold sidewalks of major cities where fresh air never makes an appearance. They attend cocktail parties with like thinking people. They drink expensive coffee sitting beside others just like them. They think the world ends at their city limits and starts again at the California border. They see the rest of America as worthless “fly over” country where people are uneducated and cling to their guns and religions. Because of their Ivy League educations, they believe they know what is best for the rest of the country. How is it possible that this basketful of deplorables rose up and had their voices heard?

Now just this once I am going to go against my nature and give the liberals some advice. Something that may help in their dealings with this new reality. You know, the new reality of returning to the rule of law. The idea of personal responsibility. Respect for authority. Reverence for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Overall a return to traditional America.

Liberals be aware. One of the main reasons the Republicans won is because America is tired of cry babies and whiners. America is fed up with political correctness. America believes laws are made by the Congress and not an empirical President.

Regarding the media, you have long since lost your credibility. The job of the press is to learn the facts and report them, not to make changes to suit an agenda; and you have failed in your mission.

You are now telling the Republicans that they must “reach across the aisle.” You mean like the way the Democrats reached across the aisle before they stuffed Obamacare down our throats? Without a single Republican vote? Is that your definition of “reach across?” You may remember a little comment made by Barack Obama himself, “Elections have consequences.” Yes, yes they do. So then any reaching across must necessarily be on the part of the losing Democrats. And when they reach across that aisle, they better have something in their hands besides more of the same regulation and bureaucracy they have peddled in the past. The American voters have rejected that nonsense with this election.

In just a few weeks our new Sheriff and his posse will take over. Most of America is excited by the prospect. I am expecting to see the Justice Department return to enforcing law. I am expecting the IRS to get back to work on legitimate audits and tax processing. It is my fervent hope that prosecutions are in the works for those who violated the law and took liberties with their positions, regardless of what those positions were. Most of us will be thrilled with a renewed and rearmed military and our position in the world will be made clearer to all our adversaries. Like most of you I am waiting to see who will make up the Supreme Court. The very future of this country depends on the right choices.

This final word to the Democrats. If you try to hamper this Administration and try to deny this President the changes the American people have voted for, you will face yet another crashing defeat in the next election as well as in 2020. Pay heed to what the voters have said.

Ron Scarbro

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