Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Over the last few years many agencies of government have suffered a loss of honor, trust, and credibility. Some believe, as do I, that this has been caused by the Democrat in the White House. This column will examine some of the agencies and groups which have suffered these losses. While I will name some, they will be but a few of the many who will never return to the position of trust they once held.

First is the IRS. Now I have never been a fan of the IRS but I have always seen their value to our country. One of the things that separates us from banana republics is the willingness of our citizens to pay for the cost of government and we do that through taxes. The IRS should be an independent arm of the government and should never be a tool in the hands of any President to use against his enemies. Under this Administration we have seen this agency turned into a weapon against conservative groups. Their discredited managers and heads have sought and received protection from prosecution by pleading the Fifth. What an insult.

Next is the Justice Department. Former Attorney General Eric Holder is the first and only AG to be held in “Contempt of Congress.”  And it doesn’t end there. The current AG, Loretta Lynch, entertained known liar and perjurer Bill Clinton for thirty minutes on her private plane just before the  Justice Dept. was to issue a ruling on the possible indictment of Hillary Clinton. Obviously a deal was made and Hillary skated free. I am sure if Hillary is elected President, Lynch will get to keep her job. Shameful and disgusting.

Then we have the FBI. In times past the FBI was “untouchable.” Well, no more. They have been “touched” and today, famed untouchable FBI agent, Eliot Ness, would be ashamed. James Comey was compromised or threatened or both. Either way, he was bought off and once again Hillary and her group of criminal thugs skate free. I have heard every possible reason and excuse for his actions but they all are just crap. Comey cannot be believed. Many of the best agents of the FBI are ready to quit over all this. They worked hard on the Hillary investigation only to see their hard work thrown out the window and their reputations ruined in the process. Martha Stewart went to Federal Prison for telling one lie and it was about a stock trade. Hillary told lie after lie and they were about national security and treason, and because of a deal being made behind the backs of American citizens, Hillary gets away with it again. The FBI will never again have the trust and respect of the American people nor should they. Obviously Comey was told by Lynch who got her orders from Obama to cover the whole affair up. It is a tragedy for America.

Next is the Congress. They have been sitting by as all this has been going on. Jason Chaffetz, R. Utah, head of House Oversight, says they don’t give us handcuffs. No, Congressman, they don’t. They give you the checkbook. If you don’t pay for it, it ceases. The Congress will never again have the respect and esteem they must have to be effective in their mission.

Finally, the national media. Of all the groups and agencies I have mentioned, none deserves more criticism than the national media. Instead of fulfilling their role as discoverers and reporters of the truth, they have become propaganda arms of the government. Their reporting cannot be believed. It is not news, it is agenda driven opinion designed to further the aims of a dishonest government.

Obama set out to fundamentally change our country and sadly he has been successful beyond his wildest dreams. I am ashamed of it all.

Ron Scarbro

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