Saturday, May 29, 2010


It is that time again. It is the time I must select this month's moron of the month. Once again this dubious honor must be shared. It is just impossible narrowing it down to one.

Number one on this month's hit parade is Richard Blumenthal, Democrat, Attorney General, Connecticut, and candidate for US Senate. I am sure you have all heard of this guy. Added to his long list of accomplishments we must now add liar. Blumenthal has, on several occasions, attempted to pad his resume by stating he was in Vietnam during war time. That has been proven to be a lie. He evidently believes by suggesting he was a combat veteran, he would be more acceptable to the electorate. Well he has been caught. Initially he tried to weasel out of it through denials but, alas, it didn't work. He had to face the press and admit that he lied. Here comes the strange part. This was his excuse. He said that on the hundreds of occasions that he spoke, he only lied about his wartime service a few times. Look how many times he didn't lie. That, he supposed, should have made it okay. Let's say that I, having met hundreds of people, only killed a few of them. Does that make me any less a murderer?
Look how many I didn't kill. Is Blumenthal, having lied only a few times, any less a liar? All combat veterans who did risk their lives for their country should be up in arms. Here is the State of Connecticut's top law enforcement officer and he is a proven liar. He should be ashamed and ashamed to the point of removing himself from office as well as dropping out of any run for the senate. That, my friends, is a true moron.

Now Ron, you ask. Who could be so moronic as to be on an equal footing with Blumenthal for this month's honor? The answer to that is the people of Connecticut. Polls have shown that even after Blumenthal's admissions, his poll numbers have increased. His lead over his nearest competitor has grown. I guess the people who inflicted Chris Dodd on this country would think nothing of once again electing a proven liar as his replacement. All across America people are looking for ways to clean house and rid the Congress of crooks and liars and the people of Connecticut are considering reinfecting the Senate with the likes of Richard Blumenthal. God help us all.

You know this is really simple. We have elections to hire (select) our representatives. They are elected to be our voices in Washington and reflect our views. They should be above reproach. They should be solid citizens. They should be the epitome of squeaky clean. What in the world are the people of Connecticut thinking? Is Blumenthal an example of the people of Connecticut? Wake up. He has shown you who he is and what he is capable of. How can he be trusted by anyone?

Elections have consequences. It would be bad enough if one state elected a crook to the Senate just for their representation, but it doesn't end there. They wind up being involved with laws that affect all of us. If this clown makes it to the US Senate it will be a sad day for the entire country.

Morons, morons. How sad.

Ron Scarbro May 29, 2010


George said...

Knowledge of this kind of behavior makes me wonder just how many of these politicions haven't yet been caught. They can't really be trusted with the people's business with this level of integrity!

Mikey Q said...

The problem, I believe, with this nation is there are to many voters that are "morons". The solution to all of this is 1) eliminate lawyers from runing for congress, and 2) reguire anyone runing for office to have actually been gainfully employed where the they had to manage a business or 3) actually owned a business and knows what fiscal responsibility means, and 4) not be so stinking rich that they could care less how they spend money. Congress years ago eliminated any education or IQ requirements so we are stuck with the voters we have. Our only hope now is to elimate the 10 percent upper class from runing for election and let the working class have a shot at it. We would not be any worse off. Q

SteveGanshert said...

CT is vying with CA for the most morons. Pelosi and Feinstein et al show California to be in stiff competition with CT.

Bo Lumpkin said...

Yep, Morons are runnin' the country and the rest of the morons keep votin' 'em in.

Bo Lumpkin said...

Just wanted you to know I am mentioning your blog in my blog on the Gatorhead site tomorrow and putting in a link to your site. I hope that is okay.