Wednesday, June 9, 2010


You've all heard this. "It is better to sit around looking like an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." I mention this because it perfectly describes our honoree for June. I know that it's early in the month but this couldn't wait. This month's choice for "Moron of the Month" is none other than aging rocker, Paul McCartney.

I have written before about so-called celebrities who use their "star status" to inflict upon the rest of the world their usually lame opinions and political preferences. The fact is it's a free country. Americans can and do opine on a regular basis about all things which might disturb them. From the Dixie Chicks, to Bruce Springsteen to John Cougar Mellencamp. I don't have to like their opinions and I don't have to buy their music. The fact is I do like the Dixie Chicks but I do not go to them as an intellectual or political exercise. I do not look to them for political opinion or solutions to world problems. No I look to them for music, plain and simple.

So, you ask, what is my problem with Sir Paul? He was honored recently at the Library of Congress with the Gershwin award for song writing. In accepting this award on American soil this British subject said that it was a great honor to accept this award and particularly in the Library of Congress. His comments were something like this. It is good we now have, after eight years, a President who knows what a library is. Paul, Obama is President of the US, not Great Britain. He is not your President. Further, George Bush was not your President either. You are not a part of we. I don't know or care what your educational background is but I'm pretty sure it doesn't include an MBA from Harvard. You and your pathetic liberal friends are getting very tiresome with your continued criticism of a man whose shoes you couldn't shine.

To me this is yet another example of the fact that money and success in a particular field of entertainment as well as heavy involvement in many different types of illegal drugs, does not infer upon anyone intelligence or class. McCartney made millions selling records to Americans. Now as a senior citizen, he seems to believe that he is also somehow qualified to instruct us on whom we should elect as our leaders. Sir Paul has done more to isolate himself from his so-called fan base in one quick moment than all he has done in a lifetime of performing. Just another pitiful moron.

Comments like McCartney's and others are not funny. They're not evidence of intellect and they certainly are not examples of class. The American people will elect their leaders and they will change that leadership when they feel so inclined. The absolute last thing we need is assistance from an aging has-been rock and roll artist, especially when he is not even a citizen of this country.

For the record, I believe we Americans have the absolute right to criticize our government and our leaders. I believe we have the absolute right to opine in writing even if it shows the world that we might just be morons too. After all, I am offering by this writing my opinion. That is my right. As my reader you have the right to accept or reject my opinions. It is another matter entirely though, when a citizen from another country comes here to American soil and criticizes our government. Whether that criticism comes from a rock and roll singer or a Mexican President, it shows no class.

Ron Scarbro June 9, 2010

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Anonymous said...

What I find most disturbing is when someone in his position speaks, their words are taken as gospel by weak minded fools who cannot seem to think for themselves. Maybe the word moron should be plural. I enjoy your blogs.