Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The left, which would include the media, Hollywood, and academia are apoplectic. What a great word. It has its origins in the word apocalypse which refers to the end of the world. So, what we have here are apoplectic individuals who are “end of the world crazy.” They all seem to be taken by surprise by the actions of our new President. “How dare he do what he said he would in the campaign.” Well they better get used to it because this is just the beginning of an eight-year period of growth in our economy, pipe lines being built, and borders being protected.

Another thing the left needs to understand is that since we are a country of law and order, laws will be enforced. That is especially true for the various Mayors who are currently defying immigration law regarding their cities. Sanctuary cities are illegal, period and any Mayor or city official who refuses to obey and enforce the law may soon be arrested and jailed. This is not a new law. It has been on the books for decades. Persons who enter our country illegally will and should be arrested and deported. To those who think this is unfair or mean spirited, try entering any other country illegally like Mexico or Canada for example, and see what happens.

The Border Patrol will once again do the job they are paid to do. Our military and our police departments will once again have the respect they are entitled to. In other words, we are returning to a place of normalcy.

Smart Democrats will soon recognize all this and get on board. Others will fight a losing battle until they are ruled irrelevant by the voters. There are ten Democrat US Senators up for re-election in the next election and Trump carried each of those states, “bigly.” That doesn’t bode too well for “business as usual.”

After Trump cancels more of the Obama Presidential edicts and replaces them with workable Executive orders, we should start seeing new legislation and some old that will be reintroduced like “Kate’s Law.” You may remember this bill which would require a mandatory five-year prison sentence for deported individuals who return to this country.  Harry Reid refused to allow this bill to be heard by the Senate. That is about to change. What kind of a moron could oppose this law?

Just last weekend our President issued an order refusing some individuals from certain hot spots in the world from entering America. These are not American citizens and for the most part we know very little about them because we cannot vet them. Extreme vetting is now under way.

Elizabeth Warren is on her high horse about the “unconstitutionality” of Trump’s order. Sorry, Pocahontas but his order is completely Constitutional. And by the way, Elizabeth, you can have your own opinion, but you can’t have your own Constitution. Try reading ours. You might learn something. A new day has dawned and a new sheriff is in town. It is no longer business as usual.

For me and many other conservative types, this action couldn’t have come much sooner. We are a sovereign nation with borders and we will protect those borders. No non-citizen in the world has a “Constitutional” right to enter this country. They do so only with our specific permission and they can be here only for as long as we allow.

And on that point, I have another question. How does anyone who illegally enters this country or even the children of those illegals without legal birth certificates, now known as “dreamers,”  get a job without a legitimate Social Security number? How do we legally collect their taxes? How do we report their income to the IRS? Just wondering.

Thinking about all this makes me apoplectic. But I’ll get over it. Will the left?

Ron Scarbro

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