Wednesday, February 15, 2017


America is a sovereign country. We have borders and those borders are there for a reason. We have the right to decide who comes into our country and who does not. No one on earth has a right to enter our country without our express permission. We have the right to allow visitation and we have the right to allow for immigration. We also have the right to refuse anyone.

Over the years of our history we have been more than lenient about letting people in. We are truly  a nation of immigrants, but this nation of immigrants decided long ago to create borders and allow just so many in and to vet them before they come. We can house and support just so many people. I believe if given the choice, millions and millions of people around the globe would immigrate to America at the drop of a hat. We are the land of milk and honey. Most probably believe that money falls off the trees and the streets are paved with gold. They want in on the action.

Some decide to enter this country without our permission. They call themselves “undocumented immigrants.” What they are is trespassers. What they are is lawbreakers. Are street level drug dealers “undocumented pharmacists?” Those illegal immigrants who have jobs do so with stolen identification. They buy phony social security cards on the streets. Some enter so their children can be born here thereby making a case for them to stay. Billions and billions of dollars are sent back to their home countries. Many of those countries depend on this infusion of cash just to survive. Is it any wonder that they would be less than helpful in stemming the flow of this illegal activity?

So, Donald Trump was elected with the promise that he would build a wall to help curb illegal trespassing and that Mexico would pay for it. That wall will be built and Mexico will pay for it through border taxes and reduced cash from illegals already here. Deportation will be increased and the Border Patrol will be allowed to do their jobs.  

That process of deportation has begun and already the liberal media is up in arms. How dare President Trump arrest and deport mothers and maids. Trump is ripping families apart. It goes on ad nauseam. The truth is that so far only criminals and felons have been picked up and sent back to their own countries. I believe and hope that the deportation will continue until we are left with only legitimate citizens. Then people who want to become Americans can apply legally and do what is necessary to become citizens.

Just last week a lady was arrested who was in fact an illegal alien but who had registered and voted in at least three elections. She was incidentally registered in several counties. She was sentenced to eight years in prison and to be deported on her release. Why did it take so long to arrest her? She was being protected by the Obama Administration and their refusal to enforce the laws regarding illegal immigration.

Some very smart computer whizzes have extrapolated illegal alien voting to come up with a number somewhere north of 800,000 illegal voters in the last election. One is too many, 800,000 is ridiculous. I wonder which of the political parties favors this activity? One also wonders how actual election results are affected by this criminal activity.

Truly one of the main reasons this country chose Trump as President was to get a handle on this kind of crap and bring it to an end. The liberal media can just keep on crying and moaning. We are going to return to law and order regardless of what they say or print.

You want to be an American? Great. Apply, follow the rules, get in line. Do it the right way and you will be welcome. Do it illegally, and you will be kicked out.

Ron Scarbro

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