Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Are we really becoming two separate countries? I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. Here are some irrefutable facts. We just elected a Republican President who soundly defeated an extremist liberal Democrat. Some in this country just cannot seem to accept this so they are going to do everything they can do to undermine Trump’s Presidency. They are going to riot, burn, loot, lie, and create havoc at every turn in an effort to get rid of Trump. The morons in the streets who are actually doing the rioting are just pawns in this battle. They are being directed and even paid by some very rich, very powerful people who believe they should be the ones in charge. These people are using the very liberal higher education system to further their cause. They have also enlisted the aid of the media and the Hollywood “elite.” Oh, and here’s some news for Hollywood. Nobody really gives a tinker’s damn what Meryl Streep or Ashley Judd or Madonna think and even less about what they have to say. They are paid to entertain and they come with an off/on switch. I, like so many others, have already turned them off.

As a nation, we could be on the verge of a real battle for our very existence. A lot like the Civil War except it won’t be the north vs the south. No, this will be a fight of traditional America against socialist America. Let’s examine this.

We’ll call traditional America, America One and socialist America, America Two. Here are some realities. America One is where the guns are, and America Two thinks guns are scary and evil. One produces most of the food we all eat. One produces the fuel we use to travel and to heat our homes. Two produces most of the welfare recipients and users of government. America One manufactures and America Two consumes. America One earns and America Two spends. America One is self-reliant whereas Two is dependent on government and social programs to get through life. America One has a mighty military staffed by like-minded individuals and America Two doesn’t even have people who qualify for military service. Etc., etc., etc. Are you seeing a pattern here?

The socialists who want to destroy America could not exist on their own. They are like the little dog chasing a car. What would they do with it if they caught it? I am sure these would-be emperors who are at the root of this unrest think that eventually they will prevail and then they will be in charge of all the little peons who will do their bidding.

Guess again, idiots. I and people who think like me will never allow you to be successful. The food you need to live on only happens if America One allows it. The military will always be in the corner of traditional America. The great midsection of this country will always be armed and ready to defend their homeland. The socialists have already lost and just don’t have enough intelligence to realize it.

As we watch the antics of the left and their flailing temper tantrums, I sincerely believe we will all grow tired of it and very soon tune it out. As we watch Trump’s policies continue to be successful, the left will look sillier and sillier. And finally, as we watch Democrats lose even more elections and even more power in Washington, they will have to work hard to even survive as a party.

America, however, will survive and prosper. The left will lose. That outcome is already known to all who are smart enough to see it.

Ron Scarbro

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