Wednesday, March 1, 2017


As always elections bring about governmental changes. The Republicans would be in power for a while then we would have a change and the Democrats would win. That has been the pattern for my entire lifetime. The party in power would run the show for a time and the party out of power would be known as the “loyal opposition.” Both parties had the best interest of the country at heart. Republicans and Democrats would go after our problems from different angles but both wanted nothing but the best for our country. That all seems to have changed and in a big way.

In the many elections that I have witnessed in my lifetime I haven’t always liked the winner. In fact, as a Republican, that has happened more often than not. But, I always remained loyal to my government even when I thought they were wrong. I tried to work within the system to make things better. It would never have occurred to me to riot in the street and pitch a fit because I didn’t get my way. To me that’s just “SBS,” spoiled brat syndrome. I was often a member of the “loyal opposition.”

So, what in the world is going on now? What ever happened to the idea of loyal opposition? Why are we so divided?

I won’t speak for the other side but I can offer some thoughts about how my side feels right now. I believe many of the more liberal Democrats want to fundamentally change our country from a free enterprise small government system with individuals responsible for their own lives to a government-centered socialist state where the government is responsible for everything and everyone. They want  to live like Europeans. They want birth to death governmental care and financial support. It doesn’t take a mental giant to realize that socialism doesn’t work for anyone, Europeans or Americans. As Margaret Thatcher pointed out years ago, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” With the rise in prominence of people like Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison as well as Bernie Sanders, many in the Democrat party have their path clearly set toward dead end socialism.

Now there is a big split in the Democrat party. The ultra progressives versus the middle of the road, loyal to the country, normal Dems. As a Republican I couldn’t be happier. The schism in the Dems is going to hurt their chances of ever winning again. Some have even opined that this could well pronounce the end of the Democrat party. Personally I don’t believe that. I think the smarter ones will get the message and turn their ship around but probably after they lose a few more elections.

The fact is that America is a right-of-center republic. We have always favored hard work, self-reliance, and individual responsibility. We love and support the Constitution as written. We are law abiding, patriotic, and industrious. From time to time we have fallen for the promises of “pie in the sky” only to see those promises dashed by politics as usual. We are, as President Ronald Reagan once called us, “The shining city on the hill.”

This last election was a rejection of European style socialism. It was a demand that we return to traditional America. There is nothing progressive about dead end socialism.

It is okay to be opposed to the party in power. It is even okay to demonstrate and act out. But it is never okay to be disloyal. If you don’t like the way things are, the door swings both ways and that is especially important for those mouthy Hollywood elites to understand. Find a new country. Maybe they will put up with your nonsense. We are tired of it. You won’t be missed.

Ron Scarbro

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