Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Every week I sit down to write this column. I try to find interesting items in the news to report and comment on. A friend recently suggested that I should write a novel. As I view the current situation I am convinced that fiction would fade by comparison to the actual events happening in the world today. Truth is definitely stranger than  fiction in our world today.

We all are aware that many of our colleges are offering “safe spaces” for their students so they will have a place to hide from the ugliness of truth and any opposing view. Those who choose to live in complete denial of the facts of life and the true politics of today can go to these spaces and hug their stuffed animals and read a bedtime story. Some even offer therapy dogs to help these students deal with reality. Do you really think a fiction writer could come up with anything more dramatic than what these so-called institutes of higher learning are providing to the next generation of Americans?

Southern Illinois University has decided to go one better for their students. They are offering a new therapy for disenchanted students who are having trouble dealing with events of the day. It is called “nap time.” Students are encouraged to go to the library and take a nap. But, they should dream during these naps, and not just any dream that a young pre-adult might have. No, they must have dreams of diversity. By controlling what these dreams are all about, it is believed that a new more diversity loving person will emerge from their nap. And everybody will live happily ever after. Do you wonder, as do I, what the parents who are shelling out thousands for their kids’ education might think about this bit of nonsense?

Not to be outdone, a high school in Valley, Iowa has decided to terminate a long- standing tradition of allowing students to wear patriotic clothing with the colors of our flag during basketball games. In their wisdom they decided that to show any patriotism for America might be offensive to teams who come there to play because they might have players and parents who are immigrants from other countries.

Well guess what? I am offended. I am offended that any community would allow such egregious behavior from their school board. These morons are responsible for turning out the next generation and some of these students may well have to don those colors to fight for the freedom that we enjoy. Whoever is responsible for this new violation of American rights should be fired immediately and replaced by true patriots who understand what it means to be an American. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by these actions because these school administrators are products of the very universities we spoke about earlier in the piece.

I have often thought about writing the “great American novel” Barb, but I don’t think my imagination could compete with the reality of today. We have a national media hell bent on self-destruction by editing the news with their leftist agenda and trying at every opportunity to make our duly elected President look bad. The American people told us and them in no uncertain terms that they were dissatisfied with the direction of this country and voted to change it. The national media just doesn’t get it. Their denial is at their own peril.

One day soon we may well have to once again take up arms to defend this country. We may well have to look to these young people to fight for our freedom as did their parents and grandparents. I wonder what it would be like to share a foxhole with one of these spoiled children? God help us.

I think for now I will just stay with reporting facts and leave the fiction to Dr. Seuss.

Ron Scarbro

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