Wednesday, February 8, 2017


As a veteran of many elections, I thought I had seen it all. Even with the understanding that this was one of the most contentious, ugly, hateful campaigns in history, still I thought when it was over that it would be over. How wrong I was. We have moved from a completely fair and honest election to a series of “hissy fits” by the losers. They just don’t get it. They ran a poor candidate who was flawed beyond belief. She lied and she cheated and she, of course, lost. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men can’t put Hillary back together again. She is yesterday’s news and yesterday’s business and is no longer a player in American politics. She will be fortunate to stay out of prison.

Here is a fact. Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States for at least the next four years and probably the next eight. After that we will again get to choose who will be our President. If the Democrats want to be a part of that process, they had best get a clue. The American voters made their choice in this election based on their desire to change the direction of the country. All politicians who want to be involved had best understand that little fact.

And speaking of clueless Democrats, California has an interesting dilemma. There is a large group who wants to secede from the Union. I’m with them. I hope they pull it off. It might be a bit difficult, however, trying to raise an army to defend her borders. With marijuana legal and freely available, it could be very tough finding anyone who can even hold a rifle let alone shoot it.

And more on California. Did you hear about Senator Kevin DeLeon, D, Los Angeles? He is President Pro-Tem of the California Senate.  He announced that most of his family are in this country illegally and are surviving and prospering by the use of phony Social Security cards and phony green cards as well as phony driver’s licenses. What a moron. He ratted out his whole family. I wonder what would happen to an American citizen who used a phony Social Security number or a phony driver’s license. Do you suppose that might be considered identity theft? Do you suppose they might get arrested and put in jail? And is it possible that any of these individuals who possess this stolen identification used that documentation to vote in the last election? It’s a fair question, don’t you think? We should round up every last one of them, charge them with identity theft and fraud and send them to prison. The only way this crap ends is if we end it.

To our Republican Congress. We, the people, expect you to do your jobs. We expect you to enforce the very laws you have enacted. Any law is only as good as its enforcement. Like most of the American people, I am tired of “red lines.” We are told there are some eleven million illegal aliens in this country. I believe the number is much higher. These people have crossed the red line. Round them up and send them home. It is as simple as requiring all employers and welfare agencies as well as schools to “e-verify” all Social Security numbers and criminally prosecuting any employer or agency who refuses. When those illegal aliens are found, either send them home or put them in prison.

We would then establish a visitor’s work visa program and that visa would have an entry date and a departure date. Persons who choose could then, with their work visas in hand, work here, pay taxes here, and upon completion of an established period of time, and with a clean criminal record, apply for citizenship. I think it would work. What do you think?

Ron Scarbro

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