Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I have been watching the events of the past week with renewed interest. First we had the inauguration. I was proud to be an American as we watched the history being made before us. I have watched many inaugurations and have been filled with pride with all of them.

Right after those festivities however, we witnessed rioters disguised as demonstrators in the streets doing what anarchists do. They turn over cars. They break out windows. They loot and steal. All this is done under the guise of lawful demonstration. Obviously these are paid rioters who are hired to disrupt and destroy. I bet most of them don’t even vote and have no idea why they are even demonstrating. They just know they are paid to create havoc and get arrested. I  hope Soros and the others who pay for this are proud.

Then came the “women’s march” and all that surrounded that little event. Are the women of America proud of the profanity-laced tirade by Madonna? Do these has- been so-called celebrities represent rank in file women of America? Is Michael Moore one of your heroes? Do they speak for you? I don’t think so.

Don’t these sore loser liberals understand that the very reason they lost this last election was because of actions like these? In reality profane, loud mouths don’t speak for the true Americans of any gender. Worn out has-been entertainers are paid to entertain, not preach hatred. Anarchists have no place in the real America.

True Americans of both genders want a traditional country based on our Constitution and the rule of law. We don’t want illegal aliens running loose in the streets. We don’t want men going into ladies’ restrooms, regardless of how they might see themselves on any given day. Gender is not an identity to be chosen at will. It is instead a biological fact of birth.

True Americans want equality for all of her citizens. We want no special treatment for any race and we don’t want any mistreatment either. All blood is red, period. Citizenship has its requirements however. Responsibility, respect for law and law enforcement, for example.

True Americans want a powerful military with the ability and willingness to confront and deal with any problem or challenge in the world that endangers us. We bow to no one. As the old country boy once said, “We take no crap and we give very little.” We want to again have the respect of the world that we once had.

I also have been watching the hearings in the Senate for the confirmation of President Trump’s new cabinet. If you are a Democrat are you proud of Minority Leader Senator Charles Schumer, D. New York and his “slow walking” of candidates? It is nothing but political theater. I know both parties do it but playing politics with such an important task as Cabinet confirmation is childish. The Senate has a majority of Republicans and can at any time confirm anyone they choose with a simple majority vote. On that note I have a suggestion. How about the Republicans trading Sen. John McCain to the Democrats for Sen. Joe Manchin. We trade a rino for a dino. Sounds good to me.

The national media has decided that they will fight Trump at every turn. That’s a bad decision. Trump is our duly elected President and he is in charge. Using his social media devices he will speak directly with the public whether the media likes it or not.

This final note to liberals everywhere. If you think it is bad now, just watch the next four years and unless I miss my guess, the next eight years. Proud Americans have spoken.

Ron Scarbro

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