Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Have you ever read the twelfth chapter of Genesis? Regular visitors to this blog will understand that it is not a religious blog, but I do call on Higher Authority from time to time. Also, regular visitors will recognize that Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament of the Bible.

In a nutshell, Genesis chapter 12 relates how God granted to Abraham and to his followers, Israel, most of northern Africa. This happened thousands of years ago.   Israel’s boundaries are clearly laid out in this chapter. Also in these words God makes it clear that anyone or any nation who curses or defiles Israel will suffer the curse of God. In other words, don’t mess with Israel or else.

Well the UN General Assembly apparently decided that they would in fact curse Israel and defile her. So, they passed a resolution essentially denouncing Israel and attempting to take territory away from her. These types of resolutions have been presented before but we have always vetoed them. This time we abstained from a vote which allowed the resolution to pass easily. We turned our backs on our only true ally in the Middle east. By turning our backs, we granted tacit approval for this defiling of Israel. We invited God’s curse on us. Many are now suggesting this act was nothing more than Obama giving Israel the “middle finger.”

The liberals in the world are demanding a “two-state” solution to the Israeli problem. In other words, we split up Israel’s God given historical territory and give some of it to the so-called Palestinians. That split would include a part of Jerusalem which is, of course, the traditional capital of Israel. That would be like splitting up Washington DC and giving part of it to England.

In the past, Israel, in the interest of peace, has voluntarily given up some of their land to these terrorists only to find them using that territory as a base to fire rockets and bombs on Israel. They are not too happy about giving up more territory to just make their problem worse. As Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, if Israel’s enemies quit bombing Israel, there would be peace. If Israel quit defending herself, she would be destroyed.

Simply stated, there can be no “two-state” solution. Israel is a legitimate one state. The screamers who cry for her to share her land don’t want a two-state solution. They want one state, and that state would not include Israel.

I think the time has long passed for us to face a reality. The United Nations has become the League of Nations. Its value as a problem solver has ended. The UN doesn’t prevent wars. It is more apt to start them. The UN doesn’t settle border disputes. It is more apt to exacerbate them. The UN is nothing more than a beautiful building in a very beautiful section of New York that has become a financial drain on America. I heard recently that the building would be better served as condos for the very rich.

Here is another reality. The United States gains absolutely nothing from membership in this little club. Its main function is to rein in our power and do it with our money. If the world wants an organization known as United Nations, let them build a building in Sudan, or Venezuela, or some other country. Let them require that members pay their own way. Let’s see how that would work out.

Finally, whether one reads and follows the Bible or not, Israel is our ally. We need her in the Middle East. We need her to be strong and able to defend herself. We may well call upon Israel to help us get rid of terrorists in the future. You don’t treat friends the way Obama has treated Israel. Another mess that Trump will have to fix.

Ron Scarbro

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