Wednesday, December 28, 2016


2016 started with the proclamation from the national media that Hillary Clinton was going to be our new President, period. Oh, there would be an election but that would just be a formality. The outcome was already determined. After all it was her turn.

Well a funny thing happened on the way to the polls. The American people didn’t get the memo. They elected Republican Donald Trump instead and not only that, they also elected a Republican Senate and a Republican House along with a majority of statehouses and governorships. So much for news media proclamations.

Since that election some disgruntled individuals decided that if Hillary lost, it must have been rigged. So, Jill Stein, the fourth place finisher out of four, begged for some money to demand a recount in three of the key states. She picked up over seven million dollars. Federal judges in the key states of Michigan and Pennsylvania said she had no standing and could not request a recount. In the meantime Jill spent over a million in salaries and costs, she says, only to be shut down by the courts. Wisconsin went ahead with their recount where Trump picked up several hundred additional votes from that count. Jill lost again. I have a question. Where did all the rest of that money go? It is well over six million dollars. Maybe that will just be her consolation prize. Go home Jill. Your fifteen minutes are up.

Since that didn’t work out for the Democrats, they have decided on a new scheme. We’ll blame the Russians. We will claim that they hacked our election and that will prove that Trump didn’t actually win. Of course we have no proof but it won’t be necessary. The American people will be so incensed, they will go along with whatever we say. That current fiasco is underway.

What’s next, you ask? Well a group of so-called Hollywood celebrities demanded that the Electoral College refuse to elect Trump. They wanted the electors to violate the law and not vote for their state’s elected choice. Another desperate act by a desperate bunch of losers. After the Electoral College vote, Trump lost a total of two votes and Hillary lost five which made Trump the overwhelming winner. For the disgruntled losers, that’s 0 for 3. Attention Democrats, your cry-baby antics are getting tiresome. Grow up. Go home. Get over it.

Fortunately in a few weeks all of this will be over and the Democrats will come to the understanding that they lost and Trump can get about the business of governing the country.

And how about the media. Both the print as well as televised news have lost all credibility. Today news is a crap shoot. The agenda of the newspaper, or the television station, determines what we read or hear. Television anchors have become stars with clothing contracts. They are paid huge salaries. All they have to do is conform to the agenda of the check writers. Never mind the truth. Apparently facts aren’t important.

I can remember when public embarrassment pronounced the end of one’s career. Not anymore. The morons are out of the closet. Weirdness is celebrated. Perversion has become the norm.

I believe that’s all changing. The election of Donald Trump is our “brexit.”  I think we all will see a different America in a few weeks. Yes, it has been a helluva year. But, we are about to embark on a new day and a new year. To any liberals who might be reading this blog, I have this advice. The train is leaving the station. Either get on board or be left in the dust.

Happy New Year


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