Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The commercialization of Christmas starts earlier every year. I started hearing commercials for Christmas back in October. I’m a capitalist and as such I am okay with selling your product any way you can. Let’s face it, Christmas has become a retailer’s dream. That doesn’t mean that the true meaning of Christmas has to be lost in the hubbub. I just heard Donald Trump wishing a crowd Merry Christmas. He said isn’t it great to be able to say that once again. He challenged the retailers of America to once again use that greeting instead of the politically correct non- greetings that have invaded our language over the past few years. I am hopeful that we all can return to a more traditional America where tolerance abounds and the perpetually offended can just relax and enjoy the ride.

If the music and the decorations of Christmas bother you, that’s okay. Your intolerance bothers me, but I don’t march in the street and cause uproar over it. If my greeting of “Merry Christmas” offends you, I’m sorry you feel that way. A while back I was having a conversation with a Jewish lady who told me in no uncertain terms that she was offended by someone saying Merry Christmas to her. Okay, I’m sad for you and your very thin skin. Along with the vast majority of America, I’m not going to change my ways, so get over it.

I just heard that the atheists are running an ad campaign to ask people to celebrate Christmas but don’t go to church. If you don’t want to go to church, don’t go. I’m pretty sure that the church will be fine without you. The thing about atheism that has always bothered me is that if they are right, they’ll never know. But if they find out they are wrong, it will be too late to take it back. Personally, I wouldn’t want to take that chance.

This Christmas season is particularly special to me. There is a new optimism. People seem to be happier. Now I know there are some who will never be satisfied but you just can’t please everybody. The Stock Market is exploding with new historic highs. The retailers and the online businesses are reporting record sales. Just since the election the Stock Market has risen nearly ten percent. It is an indication that growth is on the horizon. With the election of Donald Trump our economy will grow again. The future has brightened considerably. America has given herself a great Christmas gift. She has rejected the dour, sour, negativity of liberal politics. She has instead voted for a new beginning.

Donald Trump has promised to make America great again. I, for one, am ready. For the past eight years we have been led to believe that slow growth and our bad economy was just something we were going to have to get used to. This was to be the new normal. Well guess what. It turns out that line of reasoning was just the liberal’s way of excusing bad decisions and over regulation. We do have a bright future. Our economy will grow. In fact it has already started. I am going to sit back and watch it all happen. America, open your gift and celebrate Christmas.

Ron Scarbro

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