Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I don’t hate Hillary Clinton. I don’t hate Bill Clinton. But, I do want them and their actions investigated fully by the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the  Justice Department and if indictments are in order, I want those indictments handed down. This has nothing to do with hate or even dislike. This has to do with law and order.

This is America. We don’t have a ruling class. We don’t have royalty, even though the media would seem to prefer that we did. Let’s take for example, speed limits. If I get in my car and drive down the highway, I am bound by the rules of the road. If the speed limit is 65mph, I am bound by that restriction. By the same token, if Hillary Clinton drives down this same highway, she has the same speed restriction. Her personal wealth or her station in life do not give her or anyone else exemption from the same rules as everybody else on the highway. If she or I violate the rules, we must be held to account. Some years ago I remember Richard Nixon saying that if a President did something, it couldn’t be illegal because the President did it. Wrong again Mr. President. The law applies equally to everyone.

Let us now consider Hillary’s obvious violation of our secret’s laws. She set up a private server in her kitchen and transmitted top secret messages that any hacker worth his pc could hack and steal. In a recent “document dump,” the FBI revealed that many of Hillary’s emails were indeed hacked and that they were hacked by “hostile” foreign actors. Comey says she was careless. Okay, careless and illegal. He didn’t say that, I did. Attorney General designate Jeff Sessions must investigate this and take it wherever it leads him. If this leads to indictments and trial for espionage, so be it. Any American in any station in life should face the same. The law is there to protect us all and no one is above the law.

How about the so-called Clinton Foundation. Do you or does anyone actually believe this was set up to be a charitable foundation? This is now and always has been an influence peddling slush fund for the Clintons. Don’t you feel a little bit sorry for all the foreigners and tin horn despots who contributed to the fund hoping to gain access into top government decisions?  No? Well I don’t either. In reality influence is not for sale. Access is not for sale. Persons who would deign to run for elective office should always be above reproach. They should be of the highest integrity.

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We don’t need new laws. We don’t need a special prosecutor. All we need is for the laws already on the books to be enforced, criminal perpetrators to be held to account, and punished according to the law.

We are not kings and commoners. We don’t have a ruling class. We are all equal under the law, period. Be they the Clintons or the Smiths. It doesn’t matter.

To those who say Hillary has suffered enough, nonsense. She still thinks she is a player. That notion needs to be eliminated from her thoughts for all time. If, however, after a complete, unfettered, non-political investigation is done, and she is found to be without any indictable offense, then and only then can she even consider that she has any place on the stage of America.

Ron Scarbro

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