Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Rush Limbaugh said of North Korea, they are a zit on the butt of a hog. The reality is that North Korea is a tiny little country who cannot even feed themselves let alone fight a war. While it’s probably true that they have some nuclear capability, their first strike on anyone or anything of significance would be their last strike on anybody. Today, sitting in the coastal waters just off their shores is a fleet of warships and submarines armed to the teeth with weaponry the likes the world has never seen. As one prominent retired General said last week, North Korea would become a parking lot.

The media keeps warning us of the threat posed by China. Really? Does anyone truly believe China wants to fight a war with us? For the first time in their modern history, they finally have some semblance of economic security. They are not about to jeopardize that security for North Korea. They are far more likely to just pop that little zit and go about their business of making cheap knock-off toys and electronics. Our problem is not China, no it’s the mainstream media. The biggest threat we face is a media more determined to interfere with Trump’s agenda than a shooting war with anybody.

Truth be told, most of this war talk is our own fault. We could have and should have shut this down years ago. For these past several years we have failed in our duty to make countries like North Korea and others understand just where they stand on the war fighting issue. By letting them get away with their past attempts at blackmail and extortion, we have allowed them to believe they have some sort of parity with the rest of the world. We haven’t convinced them that a war with the United States would mean their immediate annihilation. I am not convinced there is anyone in North Korea with enough intelligence to know what will happen if they don’t just get back in their little huts and keep their collective mouths shut. For a certainty there’s a new sheriff in town.

Now, with President Trump finally letting the world know what is at stake, the liberals are going ballistic. They are apoplectic. Maxine Waters basically said that she would rather live with a nuclear armed North Korea than to upset them in any way by all this “reckless” talk. Sorry Maxine. The adults are in charge now. Get used to the fact that little countries like North Korea and their ilk are just not going to be allowed to continue to threaten us or our allies.

I don’t favor a first strike at this time, but, if the mouthy little dictator doesn’t get the message, we maybe should surface a couple of our nuclear submarines a few hundred yards off North Korea’s coast just for them to see.

My hope, not only for us and our allies, but also for the millions of North Koreans living miserable lives in that God forsaken country, is that wiser heads get the big picture and get rid of Lil Kim before he steps in something that he cannot clean off his shoes. Once the war fighting force that is known as the United States Military is unleashed, all hell will break loose.

Not only will that take care of the North Korean problem but it should also serve as a lesson for any other little two-bit dictators bent on suicide.

While we are not the world’s police department, we are most certainly not the rug on which these punks wipe their feet.

Rob Scarbro

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


As many of you know I have been convalescing for about three weeks following my knee replacement surgery. I certainly appreciate all of your kind notes and “get well” wishes. Your kind words of encouragement have been both helpful and inspirational.

This column will deal with some thoughts I have had during this time. Obviously there has been much to talk about on the national and international scene, but I am pretty sure those matters will still be there in the weeks to come. So, I am going to deal with matters much closer to home.

First, I want to tell you all that the VA has come through for me once again. From the time I first visited my primary care doctor to the actual surgery took much too long, but it was handled. I am being treated under a program known as the “veteran’s choice.” This program allows me to be treated by local docs and the local hospital. Otherwise I would have to travel hundreds of miles to a VA facility both for the surgery and the rehab. That would have been unbelievably difficult. While this is not perfect by any means, it is workable. I am grateful for this benefit that is one of the results of my military service.

The second matter that I want to discuss is just the miracle of modern medicine. I have been sitting here in my recliner feeling sorry for myself. This surgery has been painful. In fact, far more painful than I was prepared for. But now, it is just a matter of dealing with the pain and getting stronger.

In my more cogent and thoughtful moments I have the opportunity to reflect on what has happened to me. My knee was destroyed by use and abuse and seventy- plus years of toting me around. In a matter of about two hours My highly skilled surgeon removed the arthritically damaged tissue and replaced it with synthetic material. My knee is now better than ever. All I have to do is be patient, do my therapy, and very soon I will be better that new. This would not have been possible just a few short years ago.

Two years ago, I had my right shoulder replaced. If you didn’t know it had happened, you couldn’t tell. These surgeries are absolutely modern medical miracles. I am grateful for these miracles.

Many of you, my readers, are dealing with medical issues of your own. We are all very fortunate to be living in this time. Medications, treatments, and all things medical are getting better all of the time. Dreaded diseases are being brought under control. We are able to live longer, healthier lives because of modern medicine.

If, like me, you have occasion to feel sorry for yourself, take a moment to reflect on the miracle that you are a part of. It’s going to get better. I promise you.

Ron Scarbro