Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mexican Lawmakers


Are you ready for this? To bring you up to date, Arizona has passed a law that basically warns employers not to hire illegals and if they do, they face various punishments including loss of business licenses. Seems pretty simple. Arizona isn’t alone in their effort to try to fix the problem of illegal immigration. Many local governments are at work now coming up with laws to stem this uncontrolled flood of illegal people.

A group of legislators from Sonora, Mexico in an act of supreme audacity, are complaining to Arizona legislators that if this law is enforced, the illegals will rush back to Sonora and overwhelm that small state. In other words, Mexico cannot handle their own citizens. They prefer that we take care of them. They are asking Arizona to not enforce this law.

Let us consider just what is really going on here. One possibility is that Mexico doesn’t want this large group of essentially unskilled, uneducated, and expensive to support laborers. Secondly, perhaps the Mexican economy is so dependent on the dollars earned illegally and sent back there that they possibly would be in serious trouble if that money dried up. I, for one, do not believe that Mexican officials care a bit for the millions of illegals in America on a personal level.

This is not the first time official Mexico has tried to involve themselves in the politics of this country. They are working feverishly to prevent any type of border fence or any improvement in border control.

I have a recommendation. Attention Mexican legislators. Take care of your own country. Fix your own economy. Support your own welfare cases. Medicate your own sick and injured. Arrest and jail your own corrupt officials. In other words, butt out of our business. When you have repaired your broken country, installed a workable method of taxation, rid yourself of government thieves, then, and if we ask, you can offer suggestions as to how we should run our country. Of all the people on earth, you seem to be among the least qualified to teach us or preach to us.

Mexico is a beautiful country with massive natural resources. They have at hand a huge labor force. Agriculture and tourism alone, if properly governed and managed, could go a long way to supporting the entire Mexican state. It would require, among other things, removing corrupt government officials from office however. That then appears to be the stumbling block.

The people of America are going to fix the problem of illegals one way or another with or without assistance of the government. Mexico and the legislators from Sonora had best just accept this fact and set about to get their country ready for a huge influx of people. They should also prepare to do without the steady flow of U.S. dollars.

Ron Scarbro January 2008

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Erik said...

Dad Sir,

I would agree with you, but for two things...

The first is that the only problem with having "Illegal Immigrants" are the social costs that you so rightly decry.

The real issue here, is that we are devolving into a socialist welfare state. Whether you are "Legal" or not, non-producers suck from the productivity of the whole. I'm not sure why one's legal status is such an issue; non-producers are a drain domestic or not.

The fact is that "Illegal" immigrants take jobs that no one else wants for wages no one else is willing to work for (dangling participle). They drain no more from the common pot than those "Domestic" welfare junkies.

For the most part, they are similar to the previous generations of immigrants that have populated our country.

Get rid of the welfare state and you won't have an "Illegal Immigrant" problem. 'Nuff said.

The second problem is that the cure is worse than the problem.

Already, the Department of Homeland Security is lobbying hard for National I.D. cards (in the guise of biometrically coded Driver's Licenses).

Any student of history knows that there is NO WAY that you can stop bad people from doing bad things if they are hell-bent on doing so. Therefore, the National I.D. card will do nothing more to ensure the security of our borders than taking your shoes off at the airport.

What this WILL do is to dramatically increase the power of our central government.

Lord Acton rightly said, "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely".

The more power you concentrate in Washington, the more power you give to professional politicians... and more importantly, to their imbeded career lackeys (remember Janet Reno?) the more abuse of individuals you will see.

I, for one, would much rather put up with "wetbacks" who simply want a better life for themselves and are (for the most part) completely willing to leave me alone, than to give more power to the corrupt, the power-hungry and those that feel they know what's best for me and mine.

Keep yer powder dry,