Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have said before that I wouldn’t wrap my dead rotting fish in the New York Times for fear that the fish would be contaminated by the process. Never has that been more evident than the latest antic this rag has tried to perpetrate on the American people.

Senator Obama wrote and had published an essay as a letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago. In it he criticized Senator McCain and his plan for Iraq. When McCain wrote a rebuttal piece and sent it to the Times, it was rejected for publication. Their comment to the McCain campaign was that they would have to re-write the piece to be more in line with the thoughts of Obama and, as it turns out, The New York Times. This was the ruling of the moron who is the opinion page editor. It is clear the Times doesn’t want any opinion on their opinion page except the opinion of the Times. So much for a balanced reporting.

Also this recent past saw Obama finally make his long awaited trip to the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Accompanying him are the anchors of the big three networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS. FOX was denied permission to go with this group of intrepid reporters. It doesn’t take a mental giant to figure out what is going on here. The big three are in the tank with Obama. This act only serves to further alienate at least fifty percent of the American public.

The network news programs are losing viewers at a rapid pace. This is certainly one of the major reasons. The New York Times has had to lay off a large number of staffers due to reduced ad revenue and lowered circulation. I understand that there is serious competition from the internet but the response of theses so called news agencies is to further entrench themselves with the left wing of the Democratic Party. As a salesman in my former life, I can tell you that the way to certain failure in selling your product is to alienate half of your potential market. We may well be witnessing the demise of network news and hopefully The New York Times.

While I am on the subject of the media, we recently watched as they dealt with the deaths of Tim Russert and Tony Snow. Personally I admired both of these reporters. Of course I didn’t always agree with them but I still admired them. Hell, I don’t agree with my wife all the time either. The point I wanted to make was to point out their response to the loss of these two men. To me, their response was shocking. These two news readers became more important than the news they were reporting on. This then points to another problem with the media. The anchors and the on air reporters become stars and take on a pseudo importance that mitigates their reportage. They become bigger that the news. It reminds me of Walter Cronkite who used to say “well that’s the way it was”. What he in fact was saying was that’s the way I wish it was, or that’s the way I want you to believe it was. He was saying that if I get to be a big enough star, you will believe that’s the way it was if that is what I tell you. What a sad commentary.

This brings me to my final point. It wears me out trying to watch network news programs because I have to spend too much energy trying to figure out which part, if any, is true. I long ago gave up trying to read the Times for the same reason. I can’t be the only person who just wants the agencies to report the news. I don’t want or need them to tell me what they think I should think. I will do that for myself. If all of the so-called big media disappeared overnight I would not be unhappy. Maybe it is time for these stars to go out and find a real job.

Ron Scarbro July 22, 2008

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