Sunday, March 22, 2009


9.3 trillion dollar deficits expected! This was the banner headline that greeted me this morning in my local newspaper. Deficits are expected to be four times greater than the previous administration’s highest. We should expect decades of these types of deficits. Well duh! The Democrats won. They won the White House, the Senate, and the House. They did this with a considerable assist from the media so I thought this is what you wanted. After all, this is what Democrats do. They spend money. You knew that didn’t you?

They have created these deficits in just two months in office. One can only imagine how the rest of this term will pan out. The standard response from the Democrats is that they inherited the mess we are in and they had to do something. To them the something appears to be to spend billions of dollars that we don’t have to fix problems that don’t exist and send the bill to generations of people who are not yet born. Pretty slick, huh?

Unfortunately The Office of Management and Budget has said that such deficits are just not sustainable. Taxes will have to increase dramatically to cover the cost. The current deficits do not even include the proposed Universal Health Care initiative which is yet to be described. (Note to grandchildren and great grandchildren, hang on to your wallets for dear life, the bill is in the mail.)

Some of you may have seen the map that went around after the election showing all the votes cast by counties. Briefly both coasts and three large cities in the middle of the country went for the Democrats while the rest of the country, the huge center, went to the Republicans. The “fly over middle” as the Liberals are fond of calling it. I have a few thoughts about this breakdown of votes to share with you.

Sometimes this seems like two separate countries. The Democrats control the coast lines and the big cities, where they can successfully govern with their liberal slant such as a distain for the military, hatred and fear of guns, politically correct treatment of criminals and misfits, and a never ending welfare state for those who refuse to take care of themselves. None of these groups generate any wealth mind you.

The other country is the middle. This is where most of the citizens are armed. They also produce most of the food not only for America but for the rest of the world as well. Most of our energy is produced in the middle not to mention what has been discovered but has yet to be developed. The middle also loves and cherishes the military and I believe the feeling is mutual. A vast amount of the money used to support the coast lines is generated from the center.

So here is my proposal. Let us organize and make a deal with the other side. Because we control the food, we will feed them. Also, with our control of fuel and energy, we will warm them. Because we control the guns, we will protect them. Since we would control the military, we would protect their borders from foreign invasion. Of course our products and services would come with a price. They could then tax their citizens to come up with the necessary payments. Because the vast majority of the liberals don’t actually generate any wealth, they would have to figure out a way of paying us for our goods and services. You see without food or protection, welfare benefits wouldn’t be worth much. Makes you wonder who really has the power, doesn’t it?

It is pretty easy to see that this is just silliness, but what I hope it points out is that the liberal left cannot forget the rest of this country. As they govern, they absolutely must consider what their policies cause for the citizens who actually pay the bills, not just for the ones who draw from their largess. If the farmer doesn’t produce food, they don’t eat. If the military isn’t properly funded and supported, they have no protection. If our energy sources aren’t properly exploited, they have no fuel.

I am still reserving my judgment. I will wait a bit longer before I indict this administration. I do believe however that the current direction is neither sustainable nor possible. Hopefully they will get the picture soon.

Ron Scarbro March 22, 2009

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Wasn't there a book by Norman Vincent Peale: "The Power of Negative Thinking?" (Powering the solutions to the economy and the deficit)