Saturday, February 6, 2010


The mayor of Lancaster, California has been sued by a Muslim group for claiming that his community was a growing Christian Community. The Muslim group apparently believes that such a proclamation somehow excludes them from participation in that community. In other words, they were offended. Well I've got some bad news for this group and for all the others who take offense at the activities of Christian Americans who are guilty of nothing more that professing their faith. This is a Christian country. We were founded by men who themselves were practicing Christians. Our laws and policies are based on Judeo/Christian ethic. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were authored by Christian men.

From the very beginning America has been tolerant of other religions and practices. We have opened the doors of this great nation and welcomed all the huddled masses and those who yearn to be free. We have accepted religions and tenets that are strange to us. Ours has been the destination of refugees and others who have tried to escape the torture and subjugation of dictators and oppressive governments. Christianity is inclusive, not exclusive. Our Christian Nation has opened wide her doors and her arms to millions. Today America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. We are the destination of freedom because we are America. We will never, however, allow this country to become the cesspool that refugees have been escaping from. We will continue to be a Christian Nation.

No country on earth has been more accepting and welcoming to the world than America. All we ask is that you come here legally and that you obey and respect our laws when you come. Don't bring a different law with you. We already have law and we don't want or need ancient laws designed to create subordinate classes. We don't need or want laws that place women at a level no higher that farm animals. We will never accept a religion that purports to allow the murder of one's own children for perceived actions of disrespect. In America murder is against the law and is punishable by life in prison or the death penalty.

America doesn't need or want enclaves of immigrants who come here but don't wish to become Americans. If you are one who does not wish to assimilate, perhaps you are in the wrong country. If you do not wish to speak the language of this country, perhaps you are in the wrong country. America has a great tradition and history of Christianity, so remember, you came to our country, we didn't go to yours.

Here's the deal then. Christian America welcomes you. We welcome your diverse opinions. We even welcome your diverse culture. Wear your costumes and prepare your food. Play your music and do your dances. But, this isn't Poland or Sudan or Mexico or Iraq or any of those countries. You have chosen to come to America so act like it. We ask of you that you be as tolerant of us as you ask us to be of you. All we ask of Wiccans, Muslims, Atheists, or any other religion is that you be as accepting of us as we have been of you. Learn to speak our language. Don't expect us to change our culture so that you are more comfortable. Quit taking offense at every act of this free people. Here's the rest of the deal. America's great doors opened wide to invite you here. They swing both ways however. If this country is too difficult for you, check out the nearest exit. Our tolerance and our welcome have their limits.

Ron Scarbro February 6, 2010

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Yo, Ron; Great columm! Hope that was one that got into your newspaper. Any letters to the editor on that on? Take care, Q