Sunday, September 26, 2010


Until I read it myself I found it hard to believe. A letter to the editor in the “Daily Illini”, a student newspaper of the University of Illinois, written by David Green, a self described “University Academics Professional”, surpassed all reason and common sense. Further research identifies Green as a Visiting Policy Analyst for the university.

This is what happened. On 9/11 of this year, during a football game at Illinois, there was a brief moment of silence for victims of 9/11 followed by a military flyover. During the flyover the students chanted “USA, USA”. This has become fairly commonplace at sporting events throughout the country and for that matter, not just at sporting events. Well, Professor David Green took offense. He wrote a stinging letter of complaint to the “Daily Illini” accusing the students of bellicosity and all manner of hate toward Muslims. He seems to believe that all Muslims as well as Americans who happen to be Muslims would be offended by such a chant. Why? Are they ashamed of their Americanism? How on earth could love for one’s country offend any citizen of that country? As you might expect, I have a few words for Professor Green.

First of all, I don’t personally care if a Muslim or anyone else is offended by the “USA” chant. If they are, perhaps they should find another place to be. Secondly, I believe that the assumption that anyone, American or anyone else, regardless of his religion, would be offended or frightened by this display of nationalism, is clearly an example of bigotry and racism on Green’s part. If a visitor to our country is offended by our love of country, they should either leave or just abide their discomfort until they have returned to their home. We, Professor Green, have the right to love our country, scream our chants to the top of our lungs, and fly our colors at any time we choose. If that makes you uncomfortable, let me suggest some spots in the world where you may be more at home, such as perhaps, China, North Korea, or maybe even Cuba. I am confident in those places you would never be bothered by any spontaneous display of love of country. You probably would be far too busy trying to stay alive and finding something to eat.

Green’s letter is yet another crystal clear example of political correctness run amok. What further troubles me is that Green and his ilk are teaching this garbage to our kids and grandkids. One does not have to look very far to find other examples of this ridiculous philosophy being practiced. It has become the new religion of Academia.

Professor Green, chanting “USA, USA” is not bellicosity. Flying our flag is not an act of aggression. Having pride in who we are should never offend any true American. According to Green’s letter, he appears to believe that all of our wars are nothing more than state sanctioned murder of innocents. The David Greens of this country will probably never understand that their freedom and their way of life was won in war and is secured and defended by the very warriors who offend him so much. Instead of feeding at the “public trough” as an “academic professional”, perhaps Green should get a real job. It might also be helpful if he associated himself with real people outside of the hallowed halls of “academia”. Maybe then he would come to understand what idiocy he is perpetrating.

Fortunately America has and will survive these kinds of morons. The misguided among us will continue to spew their nonsense, but common sense will prevail. All I have to say to Green and his types is “USA, USA, USA”.

Ron Scarbro September 26, 2010

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